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Samantha is just about as innocent a young woman as modern day America is likely to produce. That isn't to say she's a virgin, not at twenty-eight. But her sexual experience was slight, and confined to the most vanilla of relationships. A prim and proper young woman, she eschewed bad language and immodest dress. As such, she was hardly the logical choice for Jason Carter. Carter was ex-military, a security specialist, and the owner of a lovely young twenty-four year old slave girl. He'd picked up Anica in war-torn eastern Europe, where she'd been a sex slave. And she had insisted on remaining one, clinging to him like a rock in an ocean of instability. Men would discard girlfriends and even wives, after all, but never pets, never slaves. And Anica was well aware that she lacked the sophistication, education and intelligence of the modern woman Jason needed. The lovely Samantha, on the other hand, had that, but was woefully unimaginative and hesitant about sex. Jason would have a hard road ahead freeing her of her inhibitions to the extent she could accept, much less enjoy his domination and her own submission. But he was never a man to shrink from a difficult task. And so, bit by bit, he set out to wear away her prim and proper thinking and make her his. But introducing her to Anica was going to be another challenge altogether.

Fiction & Literature
April 6
JJ Argus

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