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The Two Pennies tells the true story of the Millar family in the lead up to the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic in April 1912 and then continues to describe the aftermath of Titanic sinking and the loss of Thomas, using the voices of family members. It is a unique insight into how the tragedy affected ordinary lives, in particular those of his two sons.

Thomas worked in Harland & Wolff building Titanic and the joined White Star Line as a deck engineer onboard her maiden voyage.

The book has been completed revised and updated for 2012 to mark the centenary of Titanic sinking with new photographs and exclusive iPad multimedia content, including the trip on the Titanic Memorial Cruise which visited the final resting place of Titanic, before completing her journey to New York in April 2012.

The author Susie Millar is the great grand-daughter of Thomas Millar. Susie is a journalist, broadcaster and tour business owner based in Belfast, specialising in Titanic related tours. She spent over 20 years working as a television news reporter for both BBC and UTV, before starting her tour company, based around her unique connection to RMS Titanic.

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Susie Millar

Customer Reviews

Lynne85 ,

Worth Reading

This is a well written and interesting story primarily about Thomas Millar who tragically lost his life on Titanic's maiden voyage.

The story tells how Thomas's wife died at a very young age leaving Thomas to bring up their two boys. Trying to make a better life for them all, Thomas decides to sail to America and have his boys join him at a later date. As the tragedy unfolds, we hear from other family members of how the sinking of the Titanic changed their lives too and how the boys were brought up without either of their parents.

There are lots of photographs and documentation in the book which help to bring the story to life. It concludes with the author having been on the Titanic memorial cruise which visited the final resting place of Titanic. It includes interesting and moving photographs from the cruise. This adds to the story and makes you realise that 100 years on, members of the Millar family are still affected by this terrible tragedy.

The book is well worth a read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Roy57 ,

The Two Pennies

As an amateur Titanic enthusiast, this novel presented more than just fact, it gave Titanic a tangible human and emotive identity, upon which the reader can readily identify with.

The author successfully encapsulates and maintains her audience by depicting her family’s involvement in the construction, its tragedy and often the forgotten aftermath and the crippling emotional and financial effect upon this Northern Irish family.

This novel transports you into the nineteenth century in which you are given an invaluable insight into the family dynamic and the pivotal role in which Harland and Wolff played in the local industry. Furthermore the author perfectly describes the intimate dependence and trust upon which this localfamily carefully placed in Harland and Wolff.

This is a compelling novel in which personifies a father’s hope and ambitions for his family and how Titanic could ultimately achieve this. The author intimately describes how Titanic was the vehicle in which carried the hopes and dreams of a man for his entire family; but was sadly shortened.

This novel will leave the reader with a renewed sense of compassion for this nineteenth century family, leaving the lasting impression of integral and insurmountable bound between a man and his family and their unique relationship with the doomed liner Titanic.