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Long ago the Mages of Alasea, beset by a dark and implacable evil, made a last desperate stand to preserve some remnant of their once-beautiful land. Knowing their own destruction to be inevitable, the Mages gathered the last of their magic and stored it away against the need and peril of a distant time. In doing so the Mages gave the people of Alasea a future and a hope -- and damned themselves forever ...
Now, five centuries after their destruction, a young girl, Elena, inherits the powers that the Mages had so carefully hidden from their enemy. But though the Mages are long dead their ancient foe is not -- and when the Dark Lord learns of Elena's power he turns all of his terrible strength against her. Desperate and alone, fleeing from disaster, escaping into darkness, Elena seeks out the allies and knowledge that can help her to master her bitter gifts and cast down the evil that shattered the land of Alasea ...

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 1
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

KyubiBear ,


On of my all time favourite series, I re-read it every year, sometimes multiple times a year!

The characters are fresh, relatable and vividly created in a fantastic world. James Clemens crafted a masterpiece with this series, I've never read another like it!

Crusty_77 ,


Has to be one of the best books I have ever read. Couldn't put it down at times, it has such an amazing world and the story-line is so gripping. For certain a must read. Im only finished this one and I loved it and can't wait to get the second book.

Solid_seifer ,


Fantastic book, I'm not much of a reader, but I read this in a couple of days and couldn't put it down. I've just bought the 2nd in the series and cannot wait to get stuck in. Such a great start and now I have to find out more!!!!

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