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Wives Get Wicked (Threesomes, Gangbangs, Wife Shares, and More) Five Tales of Slut Wife Excitement

It’s your honeymoon and you’re suddenly surrounded by men.  Who would have thought you’d end up sleeping with man after man after man on your honeymoon??!!  That’s just one of the sexy slut wife stories you’ll find in this collection of five hot wife erotica stories.  It’s just a click away so download now and you can have it in just seconds!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of erotic activity including bride sex, first lesbian sex, ffm threesome sex, g******g sex, double penetration, first a**l sex, and more.  Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Shawna’s Revenge: A Lesbian Seduction Story by April Fisher

 Shawna’s husband has grown distant and she suspects that something is wrong. When she sees him with another woman, she is furious. She decides to confront the other woman about the relationship. Diana doesn’t hesitate in seducing Shawna. Although it is Shawna’s first experience with another woman, she is extremely satisfied. Shawna battles with the decision of what to do after her morning of passion with Diana before deciding what to do.

2. Honeymoon G******g: Surprised by My New Husband by June Stevens

My groom and I had already decided on a marriage that allowed us to sleep with whoever we wanted, but I didn’t expect him to arrange for a gang bang on my wedding night! He did, though, and when you’re thrown, wedding dress and all, into a group of four naked men with giant cocks and looks that said it was happening, period…well, what’s a bride to do but open up?

3. Taking Amanda With My Husband: A Threesome Short by Kathi Peters

I’ve always loved being with women as well as with men, and I’ve been keeping my eye out for a girl my man and I could take together. Imagine my surprise when I discover the woman we’ll have together is a first timer! Not only do I get a wonderful lesbian sex experience, but my husband gets to pop her cherry while I watch!

4. Carla and the Couple by Anna Price

 Carla’s life just isn’t going the way she wants for it to go.  She’s dealing with an irritating professor.  She finds out her jerk of a boyfriend is screwing every girl in sight while telling Carla he’s completely fine with her wanting to remain a virgin.  To cap it all off, her roommate ditches her and leaves her with the rent.  Things are spiraling out of control, and she has no idea how she’s going to make ends meet!  She tries to deal with things, but she ends up with no answers three days after the rent is due.  When her landlords Kevin and Carol knock on the door, she’s ready to beg for time.  They want something else, though, and before she knows it, Carla is right in the middle of a scorching threesome!

5. Taking My Husband's Buddy: A Wife Share Erotica Story by Sara Scott

When I found out my husband was bringing home his office friend, I was excited. As the evening progressed and I discovered I’d get to introduce him to the world of sexual bliss, I was ecstatic! After all, how often does a married woman get the chance to be a man's first sexual experience?

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June 22
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