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Billionaires' Charm

Victoria Holloway, owner of This Little Coffee Shop in New York City, is a twenty-four year old business woman who thinks her shop is doing fantastic. She is already planning on expansion, but then she is a workaholic, as her best friend and chief employee Donna often says. Victoria is living a good life that only looks like getting better, if she can only avoid complications. 

Then, a handsome business tycoon by the name of Max Steele comes into her shop. Life can get complicated when you catch the eye of a billionaire. What can a man like him possibly want with her, a mere small business woman? She is not bad-looking at all, but still, a man like him could have his pick of any woman in the world. Falling for him in return is not exactly a part of Victoria's business model either.

Victoria soon finds herself up on the wrong side of a new mob boss, which is another complication! So when she has a romantic interest from a billionaire and violent interest from a mob boss it makes for too many complications. Anything can happen, and probably will, but can her charm survive it?

My Bossy Billionaire

Allie Stone is a country girl from Iowa hoping to make it big in Hollywood. At 18 years old she moves to Los Angeles chasing after her dreams of stardom and riches only to land a secretarial job.

For years she works for Mr. Jones, the owner a small company. Over the years, the company grows into a multi-billion company. Allie loves working for Mr. Jones. Then one day, he announces his retirement.

Allie meets her new boss, John Jones, son of Mr. Jones and heir to Jones Corp. John is rude, disrespectful, and most off all, has it in for Allie. It doesn't matter what she does, nothing seems good enough for John.

But just as things seem to take a turn for the worse, Allie witnesses a side of John that she didn't know existed.

But is this the true side of John? Does John feel the same about Allie or is he just stringing her along? Allie starts to question herself when a girl from John's past returns.


This was becoming a bad habit; going to the same bar after work, sitting by herself with her dirty martini. It was getting to the point where the bartender would have her drink ready before she even took off her coat. It wasn't like she was an unattractive woman or anything; men just seemed to be avoiding her these days. Maybe they could sense her glumness.

So it was the strangest thing when he walked in on that regular, dull night. He didn't look like he belonged there, in that rundown bar in his fine black suit and tie. Mia's eyebrow shot up immediately when he walked in, and watched him as he deliberately scanned the room. Maybe this rich boy's car broke down and he needed a phone or something. Whatever the case was, Mia knew the instant her eyes met his hazel ones, she was in trouble.

August 26
True Passion Publishing

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