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He's a teacher. She's a student. But who's really the victim here?

An opportunity to coach at the same high school where he was the star basketball player has brought 25-year-old Mason Harper back to the small town where he grew up. From an outside perspective, he's life might seem perfect. A lovely wife, a baby on the way, and the admiration of the whole town, who look at him like some kind of local legend. But Mason doesn't think of his life as perfect. It's far from in fact. His relationship with his wife is strained and he's terrified of fatherhood.

Attempting to escape his problems leads to a few too many drinks at the bar, and that leads to a one-night stand with a beautiful young woman named Tina. The guilt he feels afterwards is awful, but it's nothing compared to the other consequences of his actions. He soon learns that Tina is not only still in high school, but she goes to the very same high school where he works. And as much as Mason would like to put his infidelity behind him for good, Tina has other plans. She's not about to just let him go . . .

Can Mason save his job, his marriage, and maybe even his own life when Tina will stop at nothing to make Mason hers? Just how far is this obsessed teenager willing to go? Stalking? Kidnapping? Murder?

If you're a fan of twisted one-sided romance and suspense-fueled thrillers where the stakes are high, then this is the book for you!

Buy Seduction today to discover what happens when a school girl crush is anything but innocent . . .

Crime & Thrillers
13 May
Nicholas Jordan

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