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The Drama Continues….

I ask myself a few questions every day.

Does time heal all wounds?

Can a broken heart heal… eventually?

Is love really worth it in the end?

And the most important question of all… is forgiveness possible?

For Becky Sloaner, when the two most important people in your life back stab you, trust and love were two things that couldn’t be brought back to the equation, no matter how badly those that hurt you were sorry.

For Jenna Sabini, her whole life was about to crash. With friendships fizzling and ex swim team members going off to do their own thing, at least she still had Annabelle and Tom by her side to finish off senior year with. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like she had any dangerous enemies, lurking in the shadows waiting for her. Or… did she?

For Tom Colleto, he’s had trouble remembering who his father was ever since he disappeared years ago. But things were getting strange. Faint warnings surprise him when he least expects it. A certain darkness has been creeping in the shadows, and Tom acknowledging it might mean the difference between life and something… very, very bad.

For Annabelle Simms, the divorce her parents were on route for was tearing their family apart. When you’ve spent your entire life walking on eggshells, it was unfair that one moment of defiance would be the catalyst that ended everything. At least she still had two people she could count on, her best friend Jenna, and her boyfriend, James. With those two by her side, making it out of this nasty storm seemed possible, even if scars were guaranteed.

For James Lawson, there were only two things he cared about. Winning fights and his girlfriend Annabelle. And nothing would ever change that. Reaching a high level of success under Rome’s rule in such a short period of time had everyone looking at James with new eyes. When you’re willing to risk it all for the win, Romilly Matos always noticed, and whether James was ready or not, he was about to enter a world where the bad sneaky guys ruled the game, all at the cost of the good guy. But business was business, and he was an asset now, one that Rome wouldn’t be letting go of, no matter how dangerous things got. Success always had a price.

Warning: Contains sexual scenes, some bad language, and includes scenes of violence and hostility. Recommended for ages 17+

Me and My Boyfriend is a 116,000 word Young Adult Romance novel.

This is not a standalone novel: Young Annabelle Series Book 7

Young Annabelle Series: 8 Books Total
Book 1: Young Annabelle
Book 2: The Truth About James
Book 3: What My Heart Wants
Book 4: You’re What I Want
Book 5: Don’t Stop Holding Me
Book 6: It’s Me And You
Book 7: Me and My Boyfriend
Book 8: Us Against The World (Final)

Young Adult
15 December
Sarah Tork

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