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Never lead a widowed shifter cop to his true mate then tell him he can't have her.

★★★★★ "If you're looking for a great shifter story, this one will pull you into the series!" 


Being a single mom is hard. Not dying at the hands of my kids’ deadbeat dad is harder. Especially when the shifter elders won’t lift a finger to help me. But for my daughters, I’ll risk everything for freedom. Even if that means trusting the new cop in town with our protection.

And my heart.

But loving Rick feels more natural than anything I've ever experienced. It's as if he already knows my soul...


A century ago, I lost my breeding partner and unborn babies. Then I walked away from pack life to protect the innocent. A cold murder brought me back and gave me a second chance with the one woman I never expected to find.

Mya is my true mate. My wolf knows it. I know it.

Only one thing stands in our way. The criminal who kidnapped her from her human life would rather see her dead than with me. And Mya’s death isn’t something I could bear. So it comes down to kill or be killed. And I have no plans on losing my life or Mya.


This book is the closed-door version of RESCUED by Nancy Corrigan, the Mainstream fiction pen name of Dana Archer.


As always, Dana guarantees a happily ever after with NO CHEATING.


From the book:

A look of wonder turns her eyes into gemstones. She skims her delicate fingers along her jaw, the same path I'd traced. "What are you, Rick Lyall?"

It's an odd question. She knows what I am: a wolf shifter. I have a better answer for her, however.

I slip my arm around her waist and pull her body against me. The moment her curves touch me, my wolf lays its head on its paws and calms. So do I. This is where I'm supposed to be. I'll fight with everything I have to stay here.

With my chin, I brush her hair from her neck and press my lips to the spot right below her ear. She shivers and clutches my shirt, holding on to me. "I'm yours, Mya. And you're mine."

I pull the wad of cash from my pocket and hold the bills out to Rick. "Take it. My kisses are not for sale."

Rick curls his long fingers around mine. He takes a small step closer to me, then another one until he's standing in front of me, a hairbreadth from my chest. He pries my fingers apart, retrieving the money, then slips it into my pocket. "Neither are mine."

I don't know what to say. I don't get the chance to come up with anything. Rick lifts my chin with a single finger and bends down. His lips brush mine. Our breaths mix. He inhales audibly, taking my air into himself, a shifter custom only the closest lovers share.

Shocked by his boldness, I draw in a deep breath too. Energy skips along my spine, racing in a line of fire to settle deep in the bite on my shoulder. It aches in a way it never has before, as if I'll die if I don't feel Rick's lips on the scar. I don't understand the reaction. Don't understand any of this.

My heart races as my anxiety spikes. A thump settles in the raised scar, echoing my quicker heartbeat. It's never done that.

I fist Rick's shirt, holding him tight. "Rick?"

"I feel it." Rick slides a hand to cradle the back of my head. "I feel you."

The human side of me always has a hard time visualizing a murder after the act. This spot doesn’t look any different from the miles of roadside on either side of where I’m crouched.

My wolf sees the world differently, though. With his soul partially merged with mine, my instincts and my senses are sharper. The latter won’t help me today. The dusting of snow from last night’s squall and the passage of time have masked any clues I might’ve gleaned by coming here, but this visit isn’t a wasted effort. Being here confirms my original assessment of the crime.

“Ben wasn’t shot here. He was tossed down this embankment.”


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29 January
Cherokee House Publishing LLC

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