A Curious Eve

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An innocent woman finds herself aboard a strange cruise ship and learns she is part of a curious extraterrestrial event called the Greeting. The Greeting was to be the penultimate alien experiment in the study of human sexual relationships and religious discovery but Charlie instead finds herself engulfed in an orgy of sexual desire and violence aboard the ship. As her adventures unfold Charlie finds herself transformed from someone’s subservient wife into something quite different and alien even to herself!

Charlotte (Charlie) awakens and finds herself alone aboard a curious cruise ship. She retains only the faintest memory of a vicious quarrel she had with her womanizing and gambling husband Bradley. Unsure why she is on the cruise ship in the first place she goes in search in hopes of unraveling the mysteries aboard what appears to be a normal everyday cruise ship. Isolated and at sea, she and two thousand other people appear to be cut off from the rest of humanity. In her journeys, she meets Steve, an attractive if not somewhat restless young black man who is finding it hard to adjust to life aboard the alien cruise ship. Like her, Steve has no idea how he got onboard the ship, never mind signing up alone for such a cruise.

Events take an even more curious turn when Charlie meets the Epicoids, strange-looking creatures seemingly in command of the cruise ship and her destiny. They are tall, seemingly asexual creatures whose human appearance belies their power and technology. She becomes friends with an alien named Jawara, a paradoxical creature that has a curious fixation on her. Ze finds the attractive ginger tasty in an entirely sexual way. Charlie is about to discover that the aliens asexual appearance obscures their appetite for both casual bi-sexuality and orgies. Charlie’s close encounter is about to become a sexual encounter with the aliens and a handsome black man, despite the protestations of her husband and the religious zealots aboard the ship.

All of Charlie’s erotic adventures take place against the backdrop of the alien Greeting. A harmonious erotic liaison filled with good intentions, the Greeting soon goes awry as darker and more sinister forces in the form of the evil Sentinels begin to manipulate humans and Epicoids alike. All soon learn that the Greeting is much more than a simple experiment when the Sentinels make obvious their disdain for the primitive humans and alien fraternization. In her adventures Charlie will learn of the Red Avatar and the strange alien cult associated with this sexual messiah myth.

The companion novel to Curious Eve is Curious Eve Musings, a raucous insider’s retelling by the author on how he wrote this sci-fi novel with help of his polyamorous muse. Be sure to visit www.CuriousEve.com for more about the novel and the companion novel.

Warning: If you have delicate sensibilities please keep in mind this novel contains adult humor, adult language, adult violence and adult sexuality while also being LGBTQ friendly. If easily offended there may be better reading choices for you.

Narrativa e letteratura
15 gennaio
E. J. Bertel

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