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Unexpectedly after becoming a single dad, he gets help from the most unlikely man—the man who he's wanted to make his.

Cordeo Hampton didn't expect to become a single dad. After an accident leaves him with a baby girl to raise as his own he's at his wits end on what to do next. Although his house isn't ready he moves up his plans to move to Zander Oaks. He thought just as he handles his business caring for his new baby girl would be easy to figure out. But he was oh so wrong. He has no clue what he's doing. When help's offered from the one man who drives him crazy he gratefully…well more grudgingly…accepts. For years, Duane has been oblivious to his attraction and now he's there to help with the baby. Cordeo's control isn't going to last being in such close quarters with the snarky, know it all and tempting man.

Duane Avery doesn't know who would be crazy enough to give Cordeo a baby. The man's aggravating, a know it all and sexy. The last was what he was trying to avoid. Yet the man is now unexpectedly a single dad and needs assistance. He'll help but keep his distance—in all ways— and just be there for the baby. It didn't matter that a befuddled Cordeo was even sexier than the take charge take no prisoners businessman. But with them working together to take care of the baby girl distance is hard to accomplish especially when Duane isn't sure if he wants to kiss Cordeo or deck him.

Will Duane realize that Cordeo isn't the man he thought and for him commitment is definitely desired?

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31 maggio
Simply Sophisticated Publishing

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