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Few can do what I do. Even entire armies fall short, compared to me. The Elementals I slay are too dangerous to fight without the magical and physical skills I have earned over years, through sacrifice and tireless dedication. Even Zom-Ka, the Chaos Child who has travelled to my continent in search of adventure, can only do so because of his training and innate magical skill. And Koshidi? The hook-wielding young woman from the Mountain Clans? She barely manages. But we must slay them for Lady Molvik to make it to the sanctuary of the savannah city of Sharnich before the forces of The Old King catch up with her army. And his people are after us too. Tracking us. Hunting us. And the Elementals are getting stronger, better, more dangerous. Seemingly adapting to Zom-Ka and me. They are using tactics I have never seen before. They are combining with each other into glorious and dreadful new forms. And while Koshidi is careful, Zom-Ka is relishing the challenge. Always seeking out the most dangerous. Feeling rather than thinking. And using death magic. His skill is undeniable. But so is the danger he poses. Not only to our foes but maybe even to us.

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V01M01 Chosen Missionist
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Fantascienza e fantasy
3 novembre
A. C. Karzun

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