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Are you confused, frustrated, stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, discontented with life, often depressed and pre-occupied with sleepless nights? Are you afraid that you may be misaligned with destiny, and experiencing agony when trying to discover your passion?

Are you ready to make your next success shift?

An inspirational and thought provoking innovative guide for emerging creatives, professional intrepreneurs, and visionary entrepreneurs, ready to master their skills, explore their dreams, dominate their next level success and live an amazing life.

This is not a "get rich quick scheme" which tells you how to get wealthy in one second. It is not meant for those who still desire to live in denial and are not ready to face their reality. It is certainly not meant for those who desire to stand still, just talk about what they want to do, and are not ready to take action.

Should you choose to accept this mission, "Wake Up Girl. You Are Worthy!" will challenge you to live out your greatness by reaffirming what you were designed for. You will join the elite group of my Fearless Visionaries™, who have decided to move beyond ordinary living, to ditch fear, and allow the visionary in them to leap out, for ultimate success. These Fearless Visionaries are ready to birth their purpose, unhindered by outside or inside threats.     

"Dr. Princess Fumi is worthy because she is walking in her calling despite everything that has tried to stop her. She is worthy as she fought for her life and the lives of her children. She is worthy as she learned everything she could to help others."

~Paula Mosher Wallace, Bloom Today, Awarding winning Host & TV Producer

"With hopes of healing herself and helping others, Fumi writes these words of inspiration to others."

~Lynn Miller, West Windsor & Plainsboro Newspaper

"When I reflect over my life, there have been only been few women who have richly blessed me and Dr. Fumi Hancock is one of them. I appreciate her boldness and commitment to not only her success but to the success of other women as well."

~ Yolanda Dupree - Bestselling Author & President, Dupree Empowerment Group, Inc.

"God used this woman at a pivotal time in my life where I was stuck in clay. Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock is incredible and an amazing gift. She is anointed, called and equipped to help birth out Visionairies' with ideas, book concepts and / or movies. You name it, she's got it."

~ Markita D. Collins - Bestselling Author, Minister, Speaker, Certified Life Coach & President, Kita's Kompany.

"She is a modern-day Esther understanding her past, recognizing her season and Creator's timing, while embracing her future. She reigns supreme as a communicator, a visionary, a spiritual giant that the world is about to discover, only we knew it all along."

~ Dr. Phyllis Carter Pole, Author: Temperament – Your Spiritual DNA.

"As you read, I believe you will be freed to dream once again. You will gain a heart-felt determination to become all YOU are intended to be and be moved to action to finish your race despite all odds."

~Snr. Pastor Janet Conley – Cottonwood Christian Center, Los Alamitos, California.

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