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Mona Porter has, literally, worked her butt off to transform herself from an unhappy, overweight spinster to a strong, confident, man-magnet. Well, sort of. She’s still working on the man-magnet part. Personal trainers helped her lose the weight and her therapist worked through some of her self-esteem issues, so now there’s only one thing standing between her and finding an appropriately safe, supportive and sensitive man to share her life with: Her virginity.

As a teenager she wasn`t ready to lose her V-card so decided to save herself for true love. She had no idea that guy would be this late. At forty her biological clock is ticking like mad and she can’t wait much longer if she wants to be a mom. She needs to find a suitable partner ASAP but hates the thought of explaining why she’s an innocent at her advanced age. So she formulates a plan to get rid of her hated hymen without the awkwardness of the whole expired cherry discussion.

Professionals worked for her other obstacles, so why not hire one to help her with the last hurdle between her and happily ever after? She can have the perfect honeymoon with the ideal fake bridegroom. All she has to do is pay for it. Lucky for her, Delta of Venus Inc., is prepared to fulfill her fantasy.

She can have anything she desires and to her that means a kind, gentle lover to tenderly initiate her into the world of love-making. At least that’s her plan until she meets an aggravating, dominating, dirty-talking bad-boy who introduces her to mind-blowing lust instead. And possibly a whole lot more.

She’s spent her first forty years hiding from life. Is she really ready to risk her heart on a man like him?

Warning: This novella contains adult content including the inappropriate use of a public bathroom, one reference to penis-wrestling, some rather silly names for male masturbation and a lot of verbal foreplay.
Approximately 38,000 words.

Ficción y literatura
9 de enero
Verena Vincent
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