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1) Banished… for GOOD or, Busted On KT-22
Fly-on-The-Wall or, Slide Mountain Hubris
2) A Gringo Makes The Earth Quake or, Bad Day At Puerto Peñasco
3) Ponderosa Safety Meeting or, Rescue in the High Sierra
4) “SHEET!” or, Communication Breakdown, Mexico Style
5) A Taste of Valle de Bravo or, Flyers’ Paradise
6) The Swizzle Stick From Hell or, a Turd in Paradise
7) A Valle Purchase or Panties From Heaven
8) Soup Kitchen Sally Gets Some Airtime or, Sky Queen for a Day
9) Randy’s Whirling Dervish or, Into The Maelstrom
10) Beth Walks the Dog or, It Was A Match Made In Hell
11) Fremont's Leap or, A Blast From The Past
12) Encounter At Los Zaucos or, A Bargain at Any Price
13) Jake The Human Cannonball or, High Adventure Over Shaw Butte
14) Prop Stopped Over Four Corners or, Hang ‘em High!
15) SOS Mexican Style or, MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!
16) The Yellow Peril of Glide Mountain or, My Field of Dreams
17) Holy Mary, Jesus and Joseph! or, The Mystery at Magdalena
18) Breakfast Kauai Style or, Such a Lovely View!
19) The Wisdom of Panchito or, No es mi Culpa!
20) The Hammer Bound For Hell or, NICE PRE-FLIGHT, DUDE!
21) Travels With Trikezilla or, Most Folks Got Better Sense
22) Did Cortez Cry?
23) The Lost Gringo Meets FedZilla
24) Kalimán Escapes Their Clutches
25) Sanctuário
26) Hotel Bombero
27) The Promised Land at Last!
28) Carla Consuelo Spreads Her Legs… er, WINGS!
29) THE ROAD NOT CLOSED or, That First Step’s a Doozie!
30) “¡Compra los Señor!” or, A Gringo Makes a Purchase
31) The Goat From Hell or, Bath Time in Ol' Mexico
32) Glidehead Lemmings at Hotel Costeño or, Reefer Madness in Ol’ Mexico
33) Sacrifices Will Be Made or, How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Fly Away?
34) Hell is a River Canyon or, Dang Fool Flyer
35) ¡Adios México! A Lucky Gingo, a Polka, the Sky

Deportes y vida al aire libre
agosto 7
John Quinn Olson
Smashwords, Inc.

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