The Seven Churches Of Asia: The Path of The Chosen Revealed

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This work is a Hebrew Roots - Messianic Judaism perspective into the prophecy of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) … regarding the church messages found in The Revelation. Exposed is the path of the church as seen through history over the last 2000 years even to these end times. This work explores how Christianity has failed to heed the prophetic warnings so mercifully provided within G_D's Torah and drifted from its ordained Jewish roots because of Gentile political and cultural influences. The work answers the great question of the ages posed by the Revelation: "How and why did it come to this?

The Seven Churches Of Asia is a concise historical review which validates the prophetic “church era” theme applicable to the seven church messages contained within the first three chapters of the “Book of Revelation”. Ultimately the messages were not just relevant epistles for the recipient communities of the early second century Ce Asia Minor, but do indeed depict a prophesied historical path to be taken by Messiah's Earthly church.

Unlike previous works on the subject, this title deeply explores the historical, cultural and theological aspects surrounding the inspiration behind the “Book of Revelation”. The approach forces review of the basic questions people always have: who, what, where, when and why applicable to: 1) The Land Mass of Asia Minor, 2) The Seven Church Communities and of course 3) John the Apostle. As a result of this review, significant insights and context are developed which enable a much more thorough interpretive historical and theological exegesis of the seven church prophetic messages. Ultimately the result is an exegesis that is uniquely Hebraic, but solidly grounded in both the historical and Biblical record!

Clearly defining the seven church eras in the context of historical events and cultural movements is quite provocative and interesting. Ultimately the Gentile Church of Messiah, as prophesied within the Revelation, will run its due course and fade away. This work details, sometimes in agonizing fashion, this chosen path over the last 1900 years. A path that is self-imposed by the church via its failure to recognize and accept the rebukes from Messiah as contained in the seven church messages. Because of the history of the church of Messiah, a significant portion of the review naturally entails discourse relative to the activities of the Roman Catholic Church.

The true value in the work however lies in the theological truths exposed via a detailed review of related Sacred Scriptures in a proper Hebraic context. The theological exegesis developed is enabled because the work, in unbiased fashion, examines the cultural, political and historical influences upon the church of Messiah by the Gentile world at large. Still further these Gentile, and often times pagan, influences are stripped away to ultimately discern and define the basic doctrines with which both Jew and Gentile believers in Messiah should be united in.
The intent of the book is not to inflict harm or belittle any belief system but rather to reach out to individuals and help them understand the roots of their faith from an intended Scriptural context. It is the author’s position that ignorance is not bliss and can ultimately result in a person missing the Lord’s straight and narrow path to the Kingdom of Heaven. As our Messiah pointed out, the Jewish Religious Establishment of his day had become the blind leading the blind. Unfortunately within much of Christianity the Jewish Religious Establishment has been replaced by a Christian ecclesiastical leadership that is quite frankly blinded in similar fashion by the conventions of men which we more commonly know as “tradition”.

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22 de julio
P. R. Otokletos
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