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I'm proud to release this second Hearts Aflame Collection. Thank you for all your amazing support.

Wolf Problem (Broken Wheel Wolves, Book 1)
Life in the small town of Broken Wheel, Wyoming tends to be a little predictable…until Sheriff’s Deputy Jade Lundgren is assigned to deal with the “wolf problem.” Now that wolves have been taken off the endangered species list, people are divided as to whether the wolves should be protected, destroyed, or simply left alone. Tasked with controlling the escalating tensions, Jade finds herself trying to make sense of seemingly unrelated crimes, while juggling her feelings for local rancher, Harlan Winters, and the mysterious, Irish wildlife biologist, Conall O’Faolán.

Eden Rising - Part 1 (Eden Rising, Book 1)
Adrift and uncertain about her future after her divorce, successful fashion designer Eden Valmont’s life drastically changes when she encounters Aminah Yakubu, a beautiful realtor working for a neighbor. Drawn to Aminah’s beauty and seductive energy, a casual invitation for coffee opens a dramatic new chapter in Eden’s life when she meets Aminah’s sensual husband, Lekan. An accomplished artist, Lekan’s lust for life and passion for his work translates into an erotic and bittersweet journey of self-discovery for Eden when her relationship with Lekan and Aminah blossoms into a polyamorous journey…a journey that will ultimately launch her into the future she had been searching for.

New Moon (Phases of Passions, Book 1)
Erin can’t help but be taken in by handsome newcomer to her office, Sean. The way he stares at her with deep, dark eyes sends a sensuous shiver right through her body.
Erin is drawn to Sean, not just because of his devastatingly handsome looks. One night, when he needs a ride home, Erin is glad to offer, but alone in the car, passions run high and soon Erin is finding out just how intense her attraction to Sean is. But he hides a dark secret. Sean is mysterious and a loner, could he be linked to the spate of murders occurring round town? Could Erin be sleeping with a killer?

Taming Suzanna (Passion on the Ranch, Book 1)
Suzanna Wheeler enjoys the attention she receives from the men who work on her father’s ranch. So, when her Daddy tasks his best foreman, the handsome and rugged Colton Stevens, with the chore of keeping an eye on her, she isn’t the least bit happy about it. Willful and defiant, she is determined to keep doing whatever she wants, even when that leads to trouble and danger. Passion and love erupt in this exciting tale of a rancher’s daughter who wants to experience life’s taboos. Is Colton the one to tame her wild heart?

Romantische fictie
2 februari
MFH Ink Publishing

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