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Cross-industry innovation

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NOT INVENTED HERE: cross-industry innovation

Where can a hospital apply principles from the airline sector?
How can a car manufacturer use tools from the video game industry?
What can an event organiser learn from the railways?

Cross-industry innovation is a clever way to jump-start your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry, sector, area or domain.

This inspirational, illustrated business book presents strategies & tools for cross-industry innovation. It emerged from hundreds of conversations with business leaders and innovators and is packed with ideas, approaches, and cases that you can apply in your own industry. The authors -Ramon Vullings & Marc Heleven- would like to invite you to this quest called cross–industry innovation, learning from other sectors, not just to think outside the box — but even more importantly — to think outside of your industry. Ramon & Marc hope to inspire and enable you by developing your match sensitivity to make even better connections.

The authors:
Ramon Vullings is a cross-industry expert, international keynote speaker, world traveller, business author on applied creativity & innovation, enthusiastic Master of Interaction, workshop & training facilitator and ideaDJ.

Marc Heleven is a cross-industry expert, professional web searcher for innovation inspiration, business author, SlideShare Keynote Author, workshop & training facilitator and ideaDJ.

Business & Personal Finance
23 February

Customer Reviews

deekroepjee ,

Action-packed Eye-opener

This book is a clear call to open your eyes, look around you, take what you can (and it’s A LOT more than you think!) and move directly into action-mode.

It’s not only handy and informative; it’s inspiring and fun. The book makes you want to start, get to work and be creative and innovative. It makes you realize there is so much to explore, and it gives you the tools to go and explore.

It's energizing and empowering!

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