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Arthur's Daughters is the story of MaryAnne, a divorcee whose husband ran out on their marriage after only six months, and of her older sisters, Margot and Margaret. The three sisters all born fourteen months apart quickly became each other's best friends. Nothing could come between them. This is the story of the three sister's lives and loves, of their trials and tribulations, their joys and heart breaks. It is the story of them at their very best and at their very worst; of their bonds of sisterhood and betrayals of those bonds.
MaryAnne's two older sisters marry a pair of brothers a week after each graduating high school and starting their own families; leaving MaryAnne with the sole responsibility of caring for their father dying of Alzheimer's. MaryAnne was forced to quit her job at the phone company as her father needed 24-7 care. The stress of caring for her father all day left MaryAnne exhausted, but she still had the night shift to cover as well. Her days quickly became waking up in the morning, taking care of her father all day and collapsing into her lonely bed every night.
That is until Sean, who was a friend of her father and a man of means comes to MaryAnne's assistance in caring for her father as his Alzheimer's got worse. Sean was a decade younger then MaryAnne. Does the age difference between them prevent MaryAnne from finding a romantic future with Sean?
MaryAnne's happiness is ruined shortly after her father's death by a jealous streak pitting one sister against the other resulting in a divorce and one sister being sentenced to spend time in jail. Arthur's Daughter is the story of the end of their sisterhood and their subsequent reconciliation and the restoration of their sisterhood.
Arthur's Daughters is the story of his daughters' families success and happiness in operating their various family businesses and his grandchildren's happiness in their own lives and their own careers.
Arthur's Daughters in the story of the sister's lives and...

11 August
Tony Flye
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