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This Book’s Purpose:
The purpose of this book is to make it easy for you to begin buying and using bitcoin. I’m sure you are as excited to learn about bitcoin as I was.
This information is for you, If you want to experience the excitement of being involved in buying and using bitcoin to profit from the lightning fast growth of the digital currency market.
A Quick and Simple Explanation:
This unique guide is focused on getting you started fast . . . blazing fast, actually. Not a word is wasted, not a detail is omitted to get you up and running. I make this so easy you simply won’t believe it when you buy some bitcoin today (within minutes).
Why Should I Buy Bitcoin?
Beyond the fact that you can send funds and pay for products within minutes anywhere in the world and in exchange for almost any currency, huge profits have been made, just by owning bitcoin. The basic reason most people buy bitcoin is that bitcoin presents an awesome opportunity to make huge financial gains. The risk to reward ratio is insanely in favor of you, the speculator.
Minimum Investment:
You can buy bitcoin in increments as small as $10 or even less.
What Do I Need?
You need just 2 things; 1) a bank account or credit card you can access online and 2) a device to access your account (smart phone or computer).
Reserve Currency:
It helps to think of bitcoin as an international reserve currency. In times of crisis it can be used to move funds rapidly to safety. As more instances of government confiscation of wealth occur through bank “bail-ins” and other methods, access to a currency without borders becomes more and more important to the individual.
Bitcoin started 8 years ago priced at just a few cents and, as I write this, is priced at $2788 per coin, (double what it was just 6 months ago). If you had bought 1000 bitcoins in 2008 (for $300), then you would have over $3,000,000 today.
So, let’s get started and I’ll show you how!

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June 17
Michael Beech

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