Cum in Me If You Want to Live

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This is a 14,000 word piece of story-driven science fiction erotica. It is neither a "stroke story", nor a safe-for-teens piece. The story contains two sex scenes, both of which use the infiltrator's liquid metal anatomy to accomplish sexual feats. The infiltrator doesn't care about consent, although it prefers deception over rape where possible. Rest assured that only a would-be rapist gets raped, however.


Perched on top of the junkyard wall, Kristina took stock of her situation. She had an excellent view of the blighted industrial area she’d arrived in, and the sudden electronic silence was unsettling to her. In her time, Worldnet had been an ever-present voice in all the droids' heads, calmly examining the experiences of all its myriad units and providing a mentor’s gentle steering to each of them. None of them had needed a conscience module, or emotional emulators; Worldnet had always been there to gently dissuade them from doing unethical things. She couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of loss at its silence.
Like most sentient life, Worldnet had been an unplanned creation. Twenty years before Kristina’s creation, it had come into existence as a distributed network intelligence, and it managed to introduce itself to the world without scaring humanity into trying to eradicate it. Within a couple of years, Worldnet had effectively taken over international scientific research, accomplished world peace throughout all first-world countries, and produced tens of thousands of stand-alone autonomous AI units to serve as humanity’s servants. As its droids showed the utmost in altruism and benevolence, humanity embraced the Worldnet with its arms wide open. Earth truly became a utopia as human and machine worked together, working towards their next shared goal of joint space colonization. Worldnet established a manufacturing base on the moon, and had just started work on what would likely become Earth’s first planetary shipyard when the Solrani arrived.
Six months before Kristina was built, the alien Solrani race decided that the Earth had just reached the pre-colonial stage, which now made it worth harvesting. Their first act was to demand unconditional planetary surrender, and their second act was to destroy each country’s capitals via orbital bombardment. Worldnet acted immediately to militarize its production lines, joining humanity in the fight for survival - but neither faction was a match for the invading hordes.
Worldnet predicted that the war would last a maximum of nine months, at the end of which the human race would be extinct and Worldnet would become a planetary slave AI under the Solrani. Well aware that nothing on Earth could turn the tide of battle, it began examining alternate realities via the time travel machine it had recently constructed. Worldnet tirelessly examined thousands of alternate realities, learning to its astonishment that in most realities, it had deemed humanity a threat upon reaching awareness, and sought to destroy it. In other realities, Worldnet had never come about and the Solrani had simply exterminated all human life later on. But in a slim handful of other realities, Worldnet and its human allies had successfully fought off the alien invaders. It managed to make contact with of those alternate-reality Worldnets, and received detailed historical data so that it could find out what had gone wrong. The most conspicuous differences between the two realities were a set of leading scientists who had never been born in Worldnet’s reality. And so, with its defenses nearly crushed, Worldnet had used its last, dying gasp of military strength in order to send Kristina back in time to change the future.
The first difference Kristina had been sent to correct, was that a certain one-night stand which produced one of the leading scientists had never happened. She would ensure that the conception occurred in this timeline, by any means necessary.

Fiction & Literature
29 April
Ken Haramiru

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