A Warning

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In time for the 2020 presidential election, Anonymous returns to expand on their "must read" (Time), #1 bestselling behind-the-scenes "scathing portrait" (USA Today) of the Trump presidency with new words of warning for Americans everywhere.

On September 5, 2018, the New York Times published a bombshell essay and took the rare step of granting its writer anonymity. Described only as "a senior official in the Trump administration," the author provided eyewitness insight into White House chaos, administration instability, and the people working to keep Donald Trump's reckless impulses in check.

With the 2020 election on the horizon, Anonymous is speaking out once again. In this book, the original author pulls back the curtain even further, offering a first-of-its-kind look at the president and his record -- a must-read before Election Day. It will surprise and challenge both Democrats and Republicans, motivate them to consider how we judge our nation's leaders, and illuminate the consequences of re-electing a commander in chief unfit for the role.

This book is a sobering assessment of the man in the Oval Office and a warning about something even more important -- who we are as a people.

Robert Fass
hr min
November 19
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Customer Reviews

Granata ,

Last chapter and epilogue.

If all you listen to is the last chapter and epilogue, it’ll be worth the purchase. Sobering and inspiring.

K.Griner ,


The dull and ignorant amount us will not like this book but those with open minds, the educated, good Americans will love this. It shows what goes on behind the scenes of the worst, most corrupt political regime the free world has ever known.

Tick Tock fake conservatives!

sarahmahammad ,

A Must Have Document

For a girl who grew up boycotting news and cable TVs al together as well as the internet politics with all its political gossip platforms, I appreciate this book. It’s a must have documented history we’re still living and making. A Warning! Well written, well narrated and very well presented, detailing a lot of what was hidden from the public eye to add up to all the ugliness, authoritarianism and inhumanity of the previous guy in the WH and his administration in our near past. A chapter of our history in which we all lived, witnessed and went through its horrors and heartbreaks, Plus our COVID-19 US losses. I’ve picked this book when it was still by anonymous in 2019 and left me thinking a lot and shifting perspective, making some major decisions in my life for my future children as well. I’d like to have the copy with the author’s name on ASAP to save it for my children in our homeschooling library, so that we can discuss it together when they become a well brought up adults incha’Allah and I tell them what we’ve done to stand for our Democracy and show the world what we’re capable of doing. Miles Taylor, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for documenting this chapter of our history in a very powerful and heart touching way! I send you all forces of love and I pray always for your safety and well-being. Thanks!🙏

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