Akashic Records: Beginner Guide to Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey

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Publisher Description

Unearth the secrets of your Akashic Records

Interested in guided meditation, astral projection, acupuncture, and more? This book is for you!

Inside this book, you’ll uncover a profound and insightful breakdown of your Akashic Records. First created in Eastern cultures thousands of years ago, Akashic Records are a highly effective way of discovering your past and using it to guide your future.

Covering everything from how you can heal yourself spiritually with the knowledge of your past lives to how you can practice astral projection, decipher dreams and visions, and understand the law of Karma, this incredible bundle arms you with the essential knowledge you need to begin your journey with Akashic Records.

In this book, you’ll discover:

·      How to Uncover the Secrets of Akashic Records

·      A Path to Change and Enlightenment

·      Using Akashic Records for Healing Your Mind and Soul

·      The Eight Vessels of Acupuncture and How They Can Help You

·      Powerful Strategies for Astral Projection

·      How to Use Guided Meditation for Discovering Your Past Lives

·      And So Much More!

So if you’re looking to draw on ancient wisdom to learn more about yourself and your soul, then this book is for you!

Daniel Perez
hr min
February 7
Joan R. Hutcherson

Customer Reviews

MS. Hannah ,

This book listened to with Satisfactory!

You have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to this book because it is going to take you places you have never been before and seeing things in a totally different “light” very enjoyable. I definitely recommend this.

Jordan6090 ,

Easy to understand, a pleasure to listen

I would have liked to see some examples of actual reading in which the information is conveyed in another form. Other than that, this audiobook was the perfect beginning to my Akashic Records study.

Alicia0167 ,

It's now or never

After many years of pondering whether or not I belonged on this planet and had anything meaningful to offer - I came across this one of a kind easy and in- depth audiobook. If you are looking for a pleasant way to connect with your Spirit and mission in life - this is it.