Awaken to Your True Self: Why You're Still Stuck and How to Break Through Awaken to Your True Self: Why You're Still Stuck and How to Break Through

Awaken to Your True Self: Why You're Still Stuck and How to Break Through

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The definitive guide for getting unstuck and spiritual awakening. Practical holistic approaches for personal transformation, embodiment, shadow work, healing, mindfulness, and enlightenment. Overcome victim mentality, narcissism, stories, and blocks.

The Definitive Guide for Getting Unstuck & Waking Up

A fraction of what you will learn from each chapter:
How the story you tell yourself keeps you stuck and what you're missing out onThe most efficient "level" to focus on for change never addressed in self-helpA math formula that reveals why things get worse the harder you tryWhy your fast intellect may be slowing you down, and the benefits of intelligenceCommon narcissistic traps that keep us from being supported and told the truthThe paradox of why seeking a spiritual path leads to more suffering, not lessThe truth about how we get trapped in victim mentality and what to do to healWhat you are secretly avoiding or not allowing that stifles your progressThe solution to addiction, or, why personal development and self-help is failing youAn eternal truth that illuminates the startling connection between all our behaviors"That wasn't my intention" - why you keep getting the wrong results from the right actionsHow to get feedback from others and the space around you to break throughHow to make sure you're living for something greater than your ego so you can thriveOvercome duality and win the war against our darkest and most undesirable partsThe most obvious, simple, yet enigmatic action to take that everyone over-complicatesLearn the secrets of 'the now' and embody a vision that will come trueDiscover the somatic solution to being in your head based on CinesomaticsWhat five things we must hold steadfast in our life for success, joy, and healing

Andrew Daniel
hr min
February 22

Customer Reviews

sparklemoonshinehippie ,


I’ve listened through this once and immediately started listening again. There is so much to digest here. Highly recommend if you’re ready to get honest and get real with yourself and your life.

fitzruption ,

This has become my daily meditation

Okay, it's a long book... Who does this guy think he is to put out 13h 30m book? Never heard of him. BUT, I have heard through some friends about this book and how different it was, so I decided to get the audiobook.

It starts off a bit basic for advance students, to set the foundation I suppose, yet still insightful that I learned new things. By the 3rd chaper I'm already filling up pages with notes and quotes. It's a dense book, DO NOT speed through it! I am listing to a chapter a day and meditating on the topics. It is the opposite of a fluffy book, AKA what is usually being publsihed. Getting to the victimhood and narcissim chapters were very confronting, but I couldn't argue with what I was seeing in myself. There's so much to say here from what I've learned, and am still learning, from this content. I am certain this will become a classic one day.

Me and my friends say: "there's before Andrew Daniel, and then there's after this book". My life will never be the same. I know I'm gushing here, but it's really helped me see so many things no other coach or book has been able to show me, which was tough, but I'm grateful. The somatic embodiment chapter was truly unlike anything I've seen before.

Just get the book. It's such a great blend of practical and spiritual insights. He's really got some good one liners too. I print those out and contemplate them. "You can't suffer your way to joy, you have to enjoy yourself to joy." "You are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you, you have everything you need." "Only Truth ends suffering."

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