Beating the GMAT 2009: An Audio Guide to Getting the Score You Need (Unabridged‪)‬

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These days, competition for business school isn't just tough, it's brutal. Everyone wants an MBA. So how do you stand out in the crowd? One way is to net a high GMAT score. But you're a busy undergrad: you've got classes, a job, your life. How are you going to find extra time study?
We've got you covered. Our experts have completely broken the GMAT into pieces and put it back together again. We'll guide you through all that tricky Data Sufficiency, help you navigate reading comprehension, shore up those grammar skills for sentence correction... we'll even walk you through the perfect analytical writing assessment. And the best part? You can take us with you wherever you go and get all the strategies you need to beat the GMAT. We can practically hear that MBA calling your name.

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LearnSmart LLC
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July 29
PrepLogic, Inc.

Customer Reviews

dAtkRaK ,

High quality audio, excellently done, could use a little more .

Not sure what the other reviewer is talking about (of course, he/she left the same one for the GRE and the PSAT... who takes the GRE, GMAT and... PSAT?) but regardless, I found this book an extremely helpful supplement to the rest of my study. Moreover, the format was VERY helpful since I end up spending most of my free time driving to and from work. The narration was superb and the guy's voice is easy to listen to for long stretches. My chief complaint is in the depth of content. I felt like too much time was given over to elementary concepts (though the author explains why those are included, logically enough) and not enough time was given over to actual test taking strategies and how to handle the GMAT's questions in specific.

E from Buffalo ,

Good review for spare time

This is a great tool in studying for the GMAT, it will not teach you everything you need to know. The first hour is a little too basic in explaining every detail of walking into the room, however it is great for a quick review of the basic concepts. The user who gave it one star must be some high school kid since his other review is on the 2009 PSAT, and all his reviews are one star.

Edstein ,

Very good!

Excellent buy. The readers voice is very mellow and easy to follow, you dont fall asleep and you don't get annoyed. Material is pretty deep, so be prepared to listen to it with a paper pad and pencil (as opposed to driving). Excellent study tool.

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