Bleak House (Unabridged‪)‬

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The case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce has ground its way through the courts for generations. At its heart are Ada Clare and Richard Carstone, who find love - and terrible loss - through their involvement in the endless battle.

Meanwhile, her friend Esther Summeson, who believes she is an orphan, gradually discovers the truth of her identity. The court case throws out a web ensnaring all who come near it, including Lady Dedlock, the menacing lawyer Tulkingham, detective Bucket and tragic little waif Jo.

Secrets emerge, crimes are committed and love affairs bloom. But will anyone ever benefit from the case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce?

Hugh Dickson
hr min
February 18
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

JimFikes ,

Dickens and Dickson -- a perfect match!

This is one of Dickens' best works, and Hugh Dickson does an amazing job of expressing Dickens' ideas in his reading. Dickens' criticism of his own country's injustice within its legal system must have been a bold move for him. His sense of social injustice, as well as his interpretation of what should be true Christian compassion, are major themes throughout the book. He does not attack class and wealth as symbols of what was wrong in his day. He is as critical of the wealthy as he is of the poorest who strike out against others unjustly. He is critical of the deceit of lawyers and those who perpetuate an unjust legal system at the expense of all others. As in most of his books, Dickens' metaphors and similes alone are worth the reading. No one I have ever read is able to describe things most of us overlook in such thought-provoking ways. This book is well worth every penny and every minute you will spend with it. I recommend that you obtain a hard copy of the book (free from Project Gutenberg) and follow along as Hugh Dickson narrates. Wow, what an experience!

lindenrose ,

A Must Listen

Great story, beautifully read.

dbmeyers ,

An investment in Great Literature

Bleak House is a long, rich, complex, multi-layered novel. It is a story of great sorrow and of great love. It is a story of personal and institutionalized corruption. It is a story of despair and of hope. And it is a story of soaring human compassion and forgiveness. Hugh Dickson has masterfully brought to life Dicken's vast cast of characters. If you are looking for a "fast food" literary experience this is not the book for you. But if you are willing to invest your time and heart you may find yourself, as I did at the end of over 30 hours of narration, wishing for more.

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