Brain Power 101: How to Boost Your Memory and Stay Brain Healthy at Any Age

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How can you keep your brain sharp at any age? How can you live not just longer, but better?
The world’s leading expert on Alzheimer’s prevention shows you how to protect, engage, and exercise your brain over time. An award-winning professor of neurology at Weill Cornell Medical College and a leading expert on brain health, Dr. Richard Isaacson has dedicated himself to advancing brain science and helping people optimize their brain health.
Now, in this 12-lecture audio series, Dr. Isaacson disseminates his findings to thoughtful people like you who care about enhancing their quality of life. A calm, clear, and lighthearted speaker, he highlights the importance of incremental, actionable steps for optimizing brain health. 
You will reap a host of priceless benefits from this series if you follow Dr. Isaacson’s advice. He shows how to optimize your nutrition and dietary patterns, cognitive engagement, physical activity, sleep habits, and stress management. Throughout, Dr. Isaacson elucidates the ways that doctors are attempting to understand and reverse the decline of brain functions with age. You’ll come away with a transformative understanding of your “healthspan,” an essential component of a fulfilling lifespan.
Using science, you can take proactive steps today to keep your brain healthy and sharp.
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Richard Isaacson
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April 5

Customer Reviews

Dingsee ,

Clear, practical ways to improve brain health

Dr. Isaacson begins by describing the landscape of the brain and explaining important distinctions about brain health, such as the difference between normal cognitive aging and more serious forms of cognitive decline (i.e., forgetting your keys is normal; being unable to remember a person you know well is not). Subsequent chapters give great advice about ways to treat our brains well through cognitive activity, exercise, good nutrition, and healthy sleep habits. Although the delivery is a bit dry, the information is presented very clearly and will be valuable to anyone concerned with staying sharp as long as possible.

Winston Bloom ,

This guy’s a medical doctor?

Dr. Isaacson has a very accessible way to bring complex concepts and aspects of medicine to the lay person. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to keep my brain going until a very old age. Highly recommend this listen for anyone who wants to improve their brain power!

Odin Anderson ,

Clear and helpful

The presenter clearly knows the research has worked with countless patients. Very helpful.

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