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The artifact is found seven miles below the surface of the sea and beneath 40 more feet of sand. The Navy's efforts to raise a wrecked submarine uncover it - and set in motion a scientific race to retrieve it, to discover just what it is and where it came from.

Denser than any substance known to man, it has broken every drill bit they've tried on it and will not budge an inch. It resists every effort to breach it - or communicate with it. So the government turns to marine biologist Russell Sutton for help.

Meanwhile, unknown to any of them, two creatures have wandered the earth for generations. The aliens have no knowledge of each other, but possess a residual memory of the artifact - and an affinity for deep water. One, which calls itself the changeling, has survived by adaptation, by taking on many different forms: man, woman, snake, shark. The other, which calls itself the chameleon, has survived solely by destroying anything or anyone that threatens it.

Now, finally brought up from the bottom of the sea, the artifact calls to them come home. For all these generations there have been two invincible creatures on Earth. But the chameleon has decided there's only room for one.

A novel of human and inhuman nature, Camouflage will take you to the depths of the sea, to the limit of man's imagination - and beyond.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Eric Michael Summerer
hr min
September 17
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Basher424242 ,

Excellent audio, decent performance, bad book

Audio+book review.

Audio: Excellent recording quality, good levels, technically A+. Voice acting performance is more than good enough, the narrator is a bit wooden, not the best I've heard, but maybe it's not all his fault, see below. Voice performance gets a B.

Book: Starts off great, very intriguing. Falls apart in the second half, worst ending in the business. Nebula award? Really? Read "Spin". That's a good book. It almost seems as if the second half was written by a different, much less talented (or interested) author. Also seems as if it was stretched to make pages. 10 minutes on cooking and eating hot dogs. Ugh. The dialogue in the second half is truly painful. The narrator has some weird affectations that make it more grating, but I'm not sure anyone could make it sound natural. Everyone speaks in two-word sentences for hours.

All of that makes the part where they hook up a rocket motor to a load to move it across the beach after they break a winch cable (instead of hooking up 2 winches, or 3) seem almost bearable.

The book gets a D.

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