Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight (Unabridged‪)‬

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Confessions of a Sociopath is both the memoir of a high-functioning, law-abiding (well, mostly) sociopath and a roadmap -- right from the source -- for dealing with the sociopath in your life.

As M.E. Thomas says of her fellow sociopaths, “We are your neighbors, your coworkers, and quite possibly the people closest to you: lovers, family, friends. Our risk-seeking behavior and general fearlessness are thrilling, our glibness and charm alluring. Our often quick wit and outside-the-box thinking make us appear intelligent—even brilliant. We climb the corporate ladder faster than the rest, and appear to have limitless self-confidence.  Who are we? We are highly successful, noncriminal sociopaths and we comprise 4 percent of the American population.”
Confessions of a Sociopath—part confessional memoir, part primer for the curious—takes readers on a journey into the mind of a sociopath, revealing what makes them tick while debunking myths about sociopathy and offering a road map for dealing with the sociopaths in your life. M. E. Thomas draws from her own experiences as a diagnosed sociopath; her popular blog,; and scientific literature to unveil for the very first time these men and women who are “hiding in plain sight.”

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May 14
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Customer Reviews

CurlyBerry ,

Self serving, arrogant and poor rationalization to justify bad behavior.

M. E. Thomas is not insightful. She is arrogant, shallow and self serving. She feels the need to explain sociopathy ad nauseam as if everyone else is incapable of looking up already published data. She needs to tell us over and over again this regurgitation of data because we aren't as brilliant as her and we can't understand. She gives us boring examples of her sociopathy that are supposed to make it even more clear when all she has done is brilliantly figured out how to put her audience to sleep. She is a protagonist that you cannot "root" for, and almost hope she gets her slice of "humble pie". She makes assumptions about "empaths" and she is almost always wrong. Her insights don't highlight any special knowledge she possesses, but rather demonstrate her narcissistic delusions of grandeur. The only empathetic thought I have for this author is that she gets a really good psychologist who enjoys a challenge.

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