Dating You / Hating You (Unabridged‪)‬

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Everyone knows that all’s fair in love and war. But these two will learn that sabotage is a dish best served naked.

A sexy, compulsively readable romantic comedy that dives headlong into the thrill and doubt of modern love, Dating You/Hating You by New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren is the story of what two high-powered agents will—and won’t—do to get everything they ever wanted.

Despite the odds against them from an embarrassing meet-awkward at a mutual friend’s Halloween party, Carter and Evie immediately hit it off. Even the realization that they’re both high-powered agents at competing firms in Hollywood isn’t enough to squash the fire.

But when their two agencies merge—causing the pair to vie for the same position—all bets are off. What could have been a beautiful, blossoming romance turns into an all-out war of sabotage. Carter and Evie are both thirtysomething professionals—so why can’t they act like it?

Can Carter stop trying to please everyone and see how their mutual boss is really playing the game? Can Evie put aside her competitive nature long enough to figure out what she really wants in life? Can their actor clients just be something close to human? Whether these two Hollywood love/hatebirds get the storybook Hollywood ending, or just a dramedy of epic proportions, you get to enjoy Christina Lauren’s heartfelt, hilarious story of romance in the modern world.

Shayna Thibodeaux
hr min
June 6
Simon & Schuster Audio

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glhince ,

fast paced plot, rapid fire dialogue and uniquely twisted trope engage and entertain in equal measur

AudioBook Review:
Stars: Overall 4 Narration 4 Story 4

Meet the perfect person for you at a Halloween party, and know that your friends have done their best to bring you together – what could be better? Carter and Evie don’t have a meet cute – they have a meet awkwardly, with plenty of reasons for them not to hit it off, but they do. Agents at high-powered Hollywood firms, the two are go-getters and incredibly focused, and their competitive natures alone could mean the attraction just falls off. But it doesn’t - and they are perfect for each other. And who can deny the chemistry between them when it just falls in their laps? They can’t – and while a relationship isn’t anything either would plan with the sheer amount of hours they spend working, they are both willing to adjust and reconfigure their time to spend it together. And together they are marvelous: funny, clever, you can feel that connection.

Then – work interferes and their agencies come under one umbrella – and to make matters worse, this couple who are both spectacular at their jobs are now competing for the one open position in the newly organized company. And, there are strict policies against inter-company dating. We had just got to find this couple as perfect together, and then this – it’s heartbreaking and sad – and they both realize what could be lost. Even as the attraction still burns – and they truly do (deep down) wish the best for each other in their careers – even though neither wants to lose their job. Back and forth, with misunderstandings, plenty of –isms rearing their ugly head, and the constant tension of attraction makes their relationship sing. While not really an enemies to lovers story – they start out as potential lovers and move to stressed, denying all attraction (or trying to), the progression of both characters and relationship is a joy to behold. So fun, with Evie’s very natural and clear approach to grabbing the gusto every day (3 doughnuts anyone) and Carters recognition and disgust with the isns he sees so cavalierly played against her – their chance to grab that one night and get each other into perspective opens the door to so much more – if only they are able to split their focus between work obligations and choices for personal lives.

Naration for this story is provided by Shayna Thibodeaux and Deacon Lee, who bring the voices of Evie and Carter to life, mixing up appropriate and distinct voices for friends, co-workers and the despicable boss. Each character sounds like they could be in the room, their quiet moments as well as the smiling (and not so) snarky comments are all clearly presented and easy for the listener to grasp the ‘between the lines’ meanings and emotions. Conflicted emotions are difficult to sell vocally – you know it when you hear it, and when it’s done well as these narrators do it, it just adds layers and dimension to the listen. You can hear the hesitation, confusion, smiles and ‘what ifs’ in each moment when required, and the fast paced plot, rapid fire dialogue and uniquely twisted trope engage and entertain in equal measure.

I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Simon and Schuster Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

krobs16 ,


I was never bored of this book.

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