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Procrastination. Disorganization. Distractibility. Millions of adults have long considered these the hallmarks of a lack of self-discipline. But for many, these and other problems in school, at work and in social relationships are actually symptoms of an inborn neurological problem: ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder.
Through vivid stories of their patients' experiences, Drs. Hallowell and Ratey now offer a comprehensive overview of one of the most controversial psychiatric diagnoses of our day. They show the varied forms ADD takes -- and the transforming impact of precise diagnosis and treatment. And, as successful professionals who are both living with ADD, they extend a message of hope and compassion to all listeners struggling with ADD in their own lives or in the lives of loved ones.
An enlightening exploration of a condition only recently identified, Driven To Distraction is a must for everyone intrigued by the workings of the human mind.

Edward M. Hallowell
hr min
March 1
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Customer Reviews

PMGM2010 ,

Helpful for Understanding

This book was recommended to me by my physician during a consultation regarding the possibility or having ADD. This particular physician also has ADD and has been fairly successfully treated for it. Though he laughed that at the time when he read it, he never completely finished the book. But this book is a very good start in understanding the condition. It provides factual information about the condition and its history. It also provides case studies of different people/ages and discusses how treatment helped them manage their challenges. I felt that this was a great primer in preparation for diagnosis and treatment options. I felt more informed and was able to compare and contrast the case studies relative to my own situation. I also felt more informed about the important process of ruling out other causes in narrowing down the symptoms relating to ADD. It is a quick read/listen. The narrator(s) are pleasant to listen to. I would recommend it. I'm going to download the 2nd on the topic.

w777 ,

Does not match the book

I was disappointed that the audio book does not match the written text. The case studies are different and the text itself is different.

The overall content is good. Just be aware that the text differs from the book pictured.

Bryan McDonald ,

Wonderful book

This book is full of good news. Accounts of people thriving with ADHD. Excellent historical background, inspirational first hand accounts of people working through the challenges of ADHD (and thriving) as well as updates on recent scientific advances about this often misunderstood subject.

Really good insight for parents, managers or teachers with or working with ADHD.

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