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God's Debris isn't a conventional book. It is written on three separate levels by Scott Adams, better known as the creator of the Dilbert comic. What is less known about Adams is that he's a trained hypnotist.

God's Debris is what happens when creativity and hypnosis intersect. On the surface, God's Debris is a simple fictional story of a delivery man who encounters an Avatar who knows literally everything. The Avatar reveals the truth about God, reality, science, probability, human perception, and even social success. Adams uses a writing trick to make the Avatar's answers appear more persuasive than they should be.

The second level of the book involves arguing with your friends about what parts the Avatar got wrong. Some of what the Avatar says is consistent with science, and some of it is pure fiction. See if you can tell which is which. You and your friends will come to very different conclusions.The third level of the book is the most provocative, but it won't have the same effect on all listeners. The story is designed as a very subtle hypnotic induction, with the intent of giving some (but not all) listeners the sensation that the Avatar's words actually contain the wisdom of the universe.

For some listeners, especially those under 30, God's Debris can be a mind altering experience. Fair Warning: Because of the hypnotic writing style, listeners tend to have strong reactions to the work. If you are in the top 5% of the population in terms of scientific knowledge, or philosophical reading, there's a good chance you will have an angry reaction to God's Debris. But if you are more of a seeker than a know-it-all, your experience could be something special.

D C Goode
hr min
October 16
Scott Adams, Inc.

Customer Reviews

KRL1990 ,


This book was incredible and provoked thought, a well written story that not only entertained but left you thinking!

brandenluke ,


Really enjoyed the listen. Found myself fully engaged instantly ( having to rewind to try to process what I was hearing ). The book is abstract and makes you question many laws of life. Most importantly i found it challenging me to grow as an individual, by being more aware to probability. I also enjoyed the idea of humans not knowing that we don’t know anything. That our brains are delusions machines to help us feel more comfortable in understanding what matter is and what matter isn’t.

JohnnyAppleseeed ,


I found myself instantly drawn into the story. The voice was perfect and the mental scenery was great. The ideas were very entertaining and I often felt as though it was me personally in the story. Great work, I will definitely refer some close friends and discuss their thoughts of it over a tasty beverage :)

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