Halo: Envoy (Unabridged‪)‬

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An original full-length novel set in the Halo universe and based on the New York Times bestselling video game series!

It has been six years since the end of the Covenant War...and yet on the planet Carrow, a world on the edge of the Joint Occupation Zone, a decisive new battle suddenly erupts. Human colonists and the alien Sangheili have already been living a tension-filled coexistence in this place, with Unified Earth Government envoy Melody Azikiwe attempting to broker a lasting peace between their two species. But as civil war now engulfs the Sangheili, Melody must act on an additional covert assignment courtesy of the Office of Naval Intelligence: free the SPARTAN-IIs known as Gray Team, held in stasis since the end of the war by a cunning Elite fleetmaster consumed with vengeance. And none can anticipate the ongoing violence leading to the discovery of an even greater, unstoppable threat—one hidden for eons below the surface of the planet...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Scott Brick
hr min
April 25
Simon & Schuster Audio / Halo Books

Customer Reviews

tonniesb ,

Imaginative for sure...!!!

I've read every Halo book on the market, including the comics, and this book is up there with "The Flood" as far as how the author stretches "my" mind with his imagination...lol I will say this though, even thou it has Gray Team who are the co-stars kinda, yet are 3 of the most dangerous Spartans ever created, (even as kids), and no one, even ONI can't control them now for sure. They DO seem to keep them away from the human population.....!!! They're real KOOL....!!! They have lived their whole lives behind the Covenant Front Lines causing chaos, and without orders, contact, or supervision their whole Spartan careers ...!! The problem is that we don't get to read/listen about hardly any of what they have been doing all these years at all. I feel their stories would have been a lot better book than this one.
It's got it's strangenesses to it that i did like, but I thought I would go nuts as to how Ssssllooooww the entire book was. Even the exciting parts takes forever to tell. I've listened to it 4,or 5 times, and will listen to it many more times I'm sure. I really hated forking out the DOE to get this book that won't download on one of my iPads, and three of of my iPods. So my laptop's "mega sound system" is the only way I've been able to listen to the last 4, or 5 of the newest books. Just a FYI if you're thinking iTunes, or eBay to buy these books...???
eBay has everyone of these books that's ever been put on a audiobook..!!! They're all on 1 DVD using mp3 format, and all of them are less than 40 bucks for even the old ones too.. I just seen it last night while I was shopping for used upgraded Mac./Apple products. I really hope this helps someone to save their cash. We're really gonna need our cash if this new Apple deal where our (their) products are now useless within 5yrs. is killing me, and will make Steve Jobs rollover in his grave if it don't stop NOW...B?(
Again just a FYI for all you nice Halo fans out there... :)

s.mudd ,

Better than The Cole Protocol

Ultimately, both are among the most shippable books in the series.

exile 85 ,

Incredible simply incredible

Just finished this great book. A must read for all HALO fans!! The return of Grey Team back in action.A dark secret from the past has awoke and we must set aside our differences to defeat this enemy.

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