In the Blood (Unabridged‪)‬

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​“Take my word for it, James Reece is one rowdy motherf***er. Get ready!” —Chris Pratt, star of The Terminal List, coming to Amazon Prime

The #1 New York Times bestselling Terminal List series continues as James Reece embarks on a global journey of vengeance.

A woman boards a plane in the African country of Burkina Faso having just completed a targeted assassination for the state of Israel. Two minutes later, her plane is blown out of the sky.

Over 6,000 miles away, former Navy SEAL James Reece watches the names and pictures of the victims on cable news. One face triggers a distant memory of a Mossad operative attached to the CIA years earlier in Iraq—a woman with ties to the intelligence services of two nations…a woman Reece thought he would never see again.

Reece enlists friends new and old across the globe to track down her killer, unaware that he may be walking into a deadly trap.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Ray Porter
hr min
May 17
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

The Turbo Tuna ,

Jack Carr keeps improving his craft!

James Reece is getting better, smoother, quicker, more confident and even a bit more human. Gone is the trepidation eveident in the Terminal List. There he did not know how to work outside the “rules” and write his own orders. Now, Reece knows who he is, what he is after and what he is capable of. More still his enemies know as well because his reputation proceeds him. Now Reece is more feared and respected than ever before. Which can be good and bad for him. Jack Carr really ramped up the action in this book. More graphic, more detail and more of it. But it is tempered by Reece being less of a blunt tool and more of a precision instrument. Make no mistake, when brute force is called for Reece does not fail to deliver. He is using just the right amount more often in this book. Which is good to read. It serves to make the character more human because Reece is not written as just a single minded killing machine.

The subjects covered and the details of the locations visited by the characters are excellent as always. Again, as always, the level of description for the guns, knives and gear used by all the characters is unparalleled. While some readers may object to this level of detail, I do not. I feel it adds to the story. After all, this a book. No pictures to illustrate the details. So the details make the mental imagery much better.

All in all a great novel. I have looked forward to reading each one and none of them has disappointed. I am looking forward to book six.

Gizzy1205 ,

Another hit


FNH Shooter ,

Hopeful you get this and might answer on a DC podcast

Firstly, love the series please keep it going Jack. That said, I do have one question where timeline are we? I only ask b/c we have a new, younger, sensible president who served…. In “in the blood” there is mention to Afghanistan and the plethora of issues we face in our present reality as orchestrated by the present real world administration mentioned BUT your fictitious president seems SIGNIFICANTLY better qualified and capable of decisions that might have yielded better results. (Candidly, any non-puddin head person would’ve) :-) I was pondering that as I listened to the mention, thought about the exchange in devil’s hand, and how such idiocy would seemingly never happen on the watch of your written administration.

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