Into Africa: Africa by Motorcycle - Every Day an Adventure

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A liberating motorcycle journey through Africa with descriptions of the amazing people and places, the joy of big skies and the open road, and the sometimes harrowing events that would shape destiny.

Into Africa tells the story of a novice motorcyclist who takes on the challenge of riding the length of the continent just because, 'it seemed like a great idea’. Sam Manicom had only planned to take a temporary break from his successful retail career, but the one-year ride was so life-changing that he continued adventuring around the world for another seven years, covering 55 countries and 200,000 miles.

Sam had no idea how liberating motorcycle travel would be. Revelling in a new-found freedom without timetables or routines, he became fascinated by his ability to explore side roads at a whim and reach remote parts of the continent that many travellers never find. Though Africa is just 5,000 miles from top to toe, Sam explored over 22,000 miles on every kind of road imaginable.

Narrated by Sam, ride with him as he describes Africa's amazing people and places, the joy of big skies and the open road, and the sometimes harrowing events that would shape his destiny. This is a genuine tale of the unexpected.

Travel & Adventure
Sam Manicom
hr min
August 14
Sam Manicom

Customer Reviews

Lostinthedesert ,

Long overdue review!!

Okay, I have all 4 of Sam Manicom books on audio! I got “Into Africa” when it was the only one on iTunes! And I have honestly listened to them all probably 10 to 15 times(I drive a lot), and they never get old. But I do feel like I have to WARN the girls and guys like me(the peeps working 5days a week), listening will cause you to start thinking about up and quieting your job to hit the road!

I got the great opportunity to meet Sam at a presentation a few years back (right when “Distant Suns” came out in audio), the pictures he shared about the part of his trip which is covered in “Into Africa” made the story that much more real and amazing! He is a wonderful person.

I highly recommend all 4 of his books(“Into Africa”, “Under Asian Skies”, “Distant Suns” and “Tortillas to Totems”) on audio!

Longhaulpaul ,

WARNING: 60 days after listening to this audio book may lead to riding motorcycles in Africa

After hearing Sam give a presentation live about his adventures, I bought my first new book in over a decade knowing full well I probably wouldn’t be able to read it. As a person living with cognitive deficits due to Multiple Sclerosis, I’m unable to enjoy reading full length books because I can’t remember the characters or what happened the last chapter. If I do read the same book twice, I still get surprised at the ending! My condition makes it hard to follow along and enjoy a good story.

I decided to purchase the audio version of INTO AFRICA, fully expecting to get confused and distracted 1/2 way through the first chapter. I loaded it into my motorcycles audio system and started listening to it on a trip from NH to CA.

I was immediately captivated by not just the story content, but by the way the story was being etched into my disease riddled brain. Sam’s ability to paint a vivid picture and pique my interest paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence and word by word was truly a breakthrough for me. I was absorbing the adventure, as if hearing it told live around a campfire.
His story is amazing, the descriptions of scenery, people and action are full bodied and will arouse every one of your five senses. The most amazing part for me was how I was able to remember most of the story along the way. Sam is a great story teller, his voice is pleasant, his inflection and enthusiasm is impeccable.

Fully consumed by the great adventure, I never paused the book on my ride and in what seemed like just a few moments, I found myself in Chicago!
I loved the book and recommend it to anyone who is planning an adventure or has ever dreamed of an adventure. Be careful, the story will ignite a spark that may just find you in Africa two months later!

Marotta1 ,

Into Africa

What a great book! I was glued to my IPad the entire time. It's an amazing story, so well written and presented in a way that makes you feel like your riding along with Sam. You get every detail without feeling like the author is rambling on. I think it's the perfect audio book for a motorcyclist, a traveler or anyone who loves a great story. I can't wait to enjoy his other books. Great job, Sam!!

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