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No one takes Spencer Zumbro seriously when he tried to warn his classmates about the mysterious things prowling the halls and classrooms of Welcher Elementary School. But when he sees Marv, the janitor, going after one of the creatures with a vacuum, he knows he's not the only one who can see them. With the help of his new friend, Daisy, Spencer has to find out what the janitors know. The children's search uncovers the magic taking place behind the scenes of their seemingly ordinary school, where a battle is being waged for the minds of the students. Who can be trusted - and can Spencer and Daisy protect their school and possibly the world?

Kids & Young Adults
Tyler Whitesides
hr min
May 30
Shadow Mountain

Customer Reviews

Dashie3660 ,

wow actually good

may contain spoilers so don’t finish this review unless you’ve read the book.

To be honest i had doubts about this book. I hate it but I have a habit of judging a book by its cover literally. I thought, “what’s there to say about janitors? Sounds like a lame topic.” But i needed to read something so i did. And it was amazing.Maybe it was just me but I thought it was such a coincidence (or was it fate?? xD) how Spencer was a kid who admired cleanliness, liking his room tidy and never forgetting to wash his hands, to be hired by the janitors. I like how unique the story is, and I was not expecting that whole betrayal from Garth Hadley. Also i like how Daisy and Spencer actually act like twelve year olds and everyone treats them like their age as well. In other series the characters their age are acting all brave and manly but i mean, I’m a little under 13 and I felt like i could actually relate. (Besides the whole magic thing cause i haven’t seen any toxites.) Anyways my point of this review is that it’s amazing and i’m gonna go read the second book now okay byeee.

p.s. (the illustration in the book on page 174) THE GRIMES ARE SO ADORABLE WHAT THE HECK?!

qisaratflea ,


I love this book so much I have read it over and over again and I love it so much, that I am reading the second book!😀

B.Samus ,

Read by the author

I just want to give a shout of joy to the author, Tyler W! I love the way he reads! so many author get the same ANNOYING guy to narrate, not Tyler! He does it himself and he does a great job!
oh and the story is really good too! ^_^

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