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Instant #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller

“Fast-paced...pulse-pounding...supremely entertaining…His best ever.” —The Washington Times

“If you love thrillers…if you’ve ever read a thriller you enjoyed…if you think you *might* like a thriller…you HAVE to order Brad Thor’s Near Dark. This might be the single greatest thriller I’ve covered on The Real Book Spy. It’s amazing!” —The Real Book Spy

Scot Harvath returns in the newest thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor.

The world’s largest bounty has just been placed upon America’s top spy. His only hope for survival is to outwit, outrun, and outlast his enemies long enough to get to the truth.

But for Scot Harvath to accomplish his most dangerous mission ever—one that has already claimed the lives of the people closest to him, including his new wife—he’s going to need help—a lot of it.

Not knowing whom he can trust, Harvath finds an unlikely ally in Norwegian intelligence operative Sølvi Kolstad. Just as smart, just as deadly, and just as determined, she not only has the skills, but also the broken, troubled past to match Harvath’s own.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Armand Schultz
hr min
July 21
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

1369ccm ,

Excruciating Detail

Take about 150 pages of meaningless detail out and this would have been a good book. Pages describing minutiae run on and on but when you get the few action scenes you just get a few pages. The rest is space filler and fluff. Very disappointing. Where is the real Scott??

fish0382 ,

Boring and then Rushed

Fell asleep to the same chapters multiple times throughout the book. And then when it finally starts to get entertaining, the author rushes it and just ends the book.

fuekthis ,


Great Read!

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