Never Play Dead

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The Fox Nation host, Fox News contributor, and social media master argues that it’s time to square your shoulders, stand your ground and speak the truth.

The conventional wisdom is that we need more civility and fewer arguments. If you have a controversial option, keep it to yourself. Tomi Lahren could not disagree more. It’s a trick. The same people whining about tone will call you names and applaud those who threaten you. We don’t need safe spaces, and you shouldn’t be patient and wait out the bullying. In Never Play Dead, Lahren encourages all Americans, especially women, to find their voice and speak out. She skewers the hypocrisy of the self-esteem movement that has made people afraid to stand up for themselves.

Wherever Lahren goes, the # 1 question she gets isn’t about politics. It’s about her confidence in herself, her beliefs and who she is. Never Play Dead not only answers this question but helps you learn how to stand your ground, discover how resilient you are and find your fearless side. In this book, she offers the antidote to all that: worry less about who might offend, and focus on who you might inspire. In the long-run, you will never regret being forceful when the truth is on your side.

Lahren worked her way out of South Dakota to television fame in LA, surviving social isolation, a truly terrible boyfriend, awful workplaces, and getting fired in front of a million haters. Along the way, she was tempted to keep quiet, but she never did. Now she calls out the comment trolls, the political correctness police, the terminally jealous, and the ever-escalation victim culture that tells you all your failures are because of the system (and therefore there’s nothing you can do about it). Whether you’ve been told you’re not good enough by parents, lovers, frenemies, bad bosses, or social media, it’s time to take Lahren’s advice and fight back.

It’s better to lose friends and followers than to lose yourself. The truth is, you may find more people who agree with you than you think. It’s time to shed your fear. With Never Play Dead she inspires you to stand up—and shows you how.

Tomi Lahren
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July 2

Customer Reviews

GinaDiana ,

This book changed my life

I wanted to start the new year off right and find some self-help content. I paid a bunch of money for daily motivational recordings and guided meditations. I found them all boring and not helpful. I just happened to stumble upon Tomi’s book after being a huge fan of hers. I knew she was as passionate of a conservative as I was and I just figured it would be an interesting political read. Well I was pleasantly surprised. Although she covers what it’s like to live as a conservative young woman in America, most of the book talks about how to stand up for yourself as a woman in general, despite your political background. Listening to Tomi’s audiobook everyday was just the motivation I needed. She taught me how to “set my price tag” and know my worth while still remaining HUMBLE and being realistic about your goals. If you’re a woman or even a man who struggles with confidence this book is for you! Highly recommend.

d'Aanconia ,

Great Book For Teenage Daughter

I listened to the Audiobook version on this book. It's a fascinating story of persistence and perseverance in the face of animosity, envy and adversity. I immediately downloaded the book on my 17 year old daughters phone. She's listened to the book twice and many times we listened together. There's nothing like teaching teenage daughters about confidence. Thanks Tomi!

Malena4991! ,

Strong Woman

I love when a strong woman shares her beliefs and what it means to believe in your truth.

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