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William Shatner has once again brought his unique blend of talents as actor, writer, director, and producer to continue the saga of Jim Kirk's remarkable second life, as an insidious menace from his past threatens a new generation of heroes...

Retired and in a happy relationship, Kirk believes his adventuring days are over. But as he returns to Earth for the first time since his apparent "death" upon the U.S.S. Enterprise™NCC 1701-B, events elsewhere in the galaxy set in motion a mystery that may provide Kirk with his greatest challenge yet.

The Enterprise-E, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is exploring an unstable region of space on a mission of vital concern to Starfleet when they discover the last thing they ever expected to find: a battle-scarred vessel that is instantly recognizable to every member of Picard's crew. Five years after being presumed lost, the Starship Voyager™ has come home!

The commander of Voyager, Tom Paris, explains that Captain Kathryn Janeway and half the original crew is dead, but if that is true, who is the mysterious woman who has kidnapped Kirk back on Earth, demanding that he assist her against a threat to the entire Federation? All is not as it seems, and soon Kirk is forced to confront the consequences of actions taken thirty years before, as well a his own inner doubts.

An unforgettable saga peopled by old friends and ancient enemies, Star Trek® Spectre propels Kirk on a journey of self-discovery every bit as harrowing as the cataclysmic new adventure that awaits him.

®, ™, Copyright ©, Performance Copyright, 1998 Paramount Pictures

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
William Shatner
hr min
May 1
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

PhoenixKnght86 ,

The Original Plot to Nemsis

This is the only book Shatner ever wrote that I liked. And it IS Nemsis, written years before the movie was ever made and truth be told...a hell of a lot more practical in the origins of the plot and it's characters. The book is loaded with cameos from every Trek and touches back on one of the most memoriable plots of TOS. The Avenger and The Return are the first two books in the series, but the book itself can stand alone quite nicely. Four stars, only because I would rather skip every chapter that soled on Kirk.

Ozzytbaxter ,

Wow, great to go back to Startrek universe.

So nice to escape in to Startrek universe, especially with Kirk.

CaptChrisMurphy ,

So so...

One of Shatner's better books. Yet despite the good material, Shatner's ego still comes through.

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