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Ambassador Spock continues his mission to unify the Romulan and Vulcan peoples, but is captured by a Romulan spy. Starfleet dispatches its best ship, the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM 1701-D, and its most respected captain, Jean-Luc Picard, to secure the release of the ambassador. Ambassador McCoy, now over 140 years old, is also sent to assist in the negotiations. But the situation becomes further complicated when another of Spock's former shipmates, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott confiscates an out-of-service starship and effects his own daring rescue of his friend.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Jonathan Frakes
hr min
December 1
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

mecharobertsmith ,

Great story to fill in the gaps!

Loved how it fills the gap between the end of TNG series and the first movie, as well as bridging the original series and TNG. Can't wait to listen to another one!


Great Narration

Jonathan Frakes does a great job of putting the reader on the front line. Though he has a distinctive voice, J. Frakes portrays each character with their own distinctive personality exceptionally well.


ST:TNG: Crossover

This is the best crossover (sorry, pun not intended) story that I've read. It combines characters from TNG and the original series in a manner that is anything but forced. It takes place onboard Picard's Enterprise-D just prior to the events in Generations. Spock, secretly on Romulus, is captured by the Romulan government along with several Unificationists, but the captors don't know they have him. Picard is sent to resolve things diplomatically, before they discover that they have the famous Vulcan, who is an enemy of the State for his efforts to unite the Romulans with their brethren, the Vulcans. Admiral McCoy is sent as he knows Spock better than anyone, what with their mindmeld back in the movie "The Search for Spock." Meanwhile, Scotty gets wind of the potential poweder keg and he goes on his own rescue mission for his former colleague.

Jonathon Frakes (Riker) does a fantastic job with the great material. I wish he'd record audiobooks on the Titan book series as well. Highly recommended.

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