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The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. It is often considered, along with The Three Musketeers, as Dumas' most popular work. It is also among the highest selling books of all time. The writing of the work was completed in 1844. Like many of his novels, it is expanded from the plot outlines suggested by his collaborating ghostwriter Auguste Maquet. The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and the Levant during the historical events of 1815–1838 (from just before the Hundred Days through the reign of Louis-Philippe of France). The historical setting is a fundamental element of the book. It is primarily concerned with themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, forgiveness and death, and is told in the style of an adventure story.

Adam Storan
hr min
October 27
FrontPage Publishing

Customer Reviews

shibeshibeshibe ,

Incredible Narration

This novel is obviously incredible and is a classic for a reason. But the narrator, Adam, really brought this to life for me. Without him narrating I don’t believe I would have finished. And forget about it had I tried to read a physical copy. I would purchase other books Adam has narrated just to have him read to me again!

AlienWind ,

The Count of Monte Cristo

Great read...or listen. Loved the narrator.

One tricked individual ,

Great product!

The audiobook: the audiobook itself was fair to good. The actor did a good job of imbuing the characters with life but forgot which character sounded like what, a lot. But it wasn’t bad. It was fair and pleasant and it just merely added to the story. There was a point though near the end where he totally fell off the wagon and started with this suburban country twang thing which left me laughing so hard but he recovered well and it actually added to the enjoyment of the book because of the morose environment the story had taken. The count though he sustained consistently throughout the whole book. I gotta imagine it’s hard having those many characters, interchanging from one to the other and remembering what accent and voice you gave each one. There are a lot of characters in the book coming from Italy, Corsica, France. He was phenomenal.

The book itself:

Dumas does a great job of entangling you into the story even before you realize how much you’ve willingly invested. There are so many rich characters, exotic locales and hints of psychological profiles that you can really hold onto the story. It’s delightful. The only thing is the ending which he kind of, I feel like lost it. It wasn’t bad, but exaggerated beyond need. It started taking on a mystical quality to it, that I don’t think the story nor the characters needed. But I can only imagine how challenging it must be to bring about an ending. That’s rough. Especially with so many characters.

I give it a 4 in total for those things but it’s more like a 4.9. I’ve been going through a marathon of classical work. Like, a lot! This was one of my more favorite ones. It’s added to my life. In ways that are yet to be realized, I think..

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