The Digital Fundraising Blueprint: How to Raise More Money Online for Your Nonprofit (Unabridged) The Digital Fundraising Blueprint: How to Raise More Money Online for Your Nonprofit (Unabridged)

The Digital Fundraising Blueprint: How to Raise More Money Online for Your Nonprofit (Unabridged‪)‬

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Written by a fundraiser for fundraisers. 

The Digital Fundraising Blueprint provides a one-stop resource for nonprofits to use when it comes to raising more money online. The strategies and tactics contained in this book are the exact same ones used by the author, a digital fundraising consultant, that helped raise over $100 million for nonprofits. Now, you have access to the same tips and frameworks, which can power your nonprofit to do more good in the world. 

This book goes into detail about raising money via website content, email, social media, social media ads, search engine marketing, online display ads, mobile, and more! In addition, this book is loaded with tips that you can immediately put into place to incrementally generate more money for your nonprofit. What about Snapchat, Amazon Alexa, and Facebook Live? There are tips on those in this book as well. Looking for ways to incorporate digital with your direct mail fundraising efforts? That’s in here, too. 

For a beginner audience, it provides education on digital fundraising terms and marketing channels. For nonprofit leaders that may not be directly engaged with the digital efforts of its organization, this book will provide a baseline to understand the concepts and learn how to ask the right questions. 

For a more advanced digital fundraising audience, this book will include several tips for digital creative, testing ideas, donation page recommendations, and an overview of the digital fundraising ecosystem. The content of this book will spark ideas that will help you take your digital fundraising to the next level. 

In addition to providing information on what digital fundraising is and how to use it, this book also walks the listener through how to plan and organize your fundraising efforts. 

This is the most comprehensive book on the market about digital fundraising, based on real-life experience, not theories or second-hand knowledge. 

The following are topics covered in The Digital Fundraising Blueprint:

The Digital Fundraising Ecosystem Overview

Digital Fundraising Components

Your Website

Website Hierarchy of Content

Website User Experience (UX)

Website Branding and Positioning

Website Email Capture Tips

Donation Page Tips

Website Content Tips

Website Tracking & Analytics

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and GDPR


Email Acquisition Tips

The Anatomy of a Fundraising Email

Fundraising Email Tips

Affirmation Email Tips

CAN-SPAM Overview & Email Blacklisting

Email List Hygiene

Email Testing

Email Design Tips

Social Media Overview







Digital Media Overview

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Ad Grants

Online Display Ads

Social Media Ads

Content Marketing

Digital Integration with Direct Mail

Mobile Fundraising

Other Digital Fundraising Channels

The Digital Fundraising Funnel

Annual Digital Fundraising Planning

Types of Annual Planning Assets

How to Prioritize Your Digital Fundraising Channels

Digital Campaigns Overview

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unseen_ ,

Excellent Fundraising Book! 🏆🏆

This book had so much information about Online fundraising. I took lots of notes and can’t wait to put them into practice. Simple and practical, the author breaks down the different topics in an easy to understand way. Get this book!

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