The Gospel of Thomas: A New Vision of the Message of Jesus (Original Staging Nonfiction‪)‬

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Millions of readers have turned to Elaine Pagels for her clear and insightful books about the Gnostic Gospels, the teachings of Jesus that have been lost for centuries. Sounds True is proud to present the first widely available audio recording of this extraordinary scholar as she explores the text that has changed the way many of us think about the message of Christ:
The Gospel of Thomas.

The stunning archaeological discovery of these lost scriptures of early Christianity in 1945 has revealed exciting new dimensions to the wisdom passed on from Jesus to his disciples. In her analysis of this revived gospel, Dr. Pagels reveals that Thomas was not a "doubter" of Christ, rather, his thoughtful inquiries reflected and brought out the deepest truths that Jesus had to offer. Thomas' account depicts a Jesus who taught us that the "Kingdom of Heaven" is not a separate realm, but a state of divinity that we all can reach. He is even called the "twin" of Jesus, a metaphor for the possibility that all of us can achieve the same state of divine grace embodied by Jesus.

Elaine Pagels has riveted readers and audiences everywhere with her clear and provocative explorations of the testaments of early Christianity. The Gospel of Thomas gives listeners a first opportunity to join her in charting "a wider horizon" of Christian spirituality.

Religion & Spirituality
Elaine Pagels
hr min
February 27
Sounds True

Customer Reviews


The Gospel of Thomas

This audio book is not a book.
It is a lecture about a book and about the Gospel of Thomas.
Without having read the book or the Gospel it meant nothing to me.
I was expecting to purchase a book about the Gospel or a copy of the Gospel.
I received neither.
I feel cheated.

Mendocino ,

Excellent and Illuminating

This lecture focusses on the relationship of the Gospel of Thomas to the other new testament gospels, as well as its origin (does it pre or post date the new testament?). She particularly compares the Gospel of John with the Gospel of Thomas in their approaches to Paul's role, the resurrection, Mary Magdelene and to other writings in the new Testament. After hearing her talk, you get a more robust view of Christianity, and a better appreciation of how the books in the bible came to be collected, and why certain Gospels were excluded. It is an enlightening listen that does nothing to diminish Christian faith whatsoever. Dr. Pagels is a fine scholar and presenter, and if you have seen her National Geographic special on the same topic you know what I mean.

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