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The internationally bestselling self-empowerment book from influencer, rapper, and spoken word artist Humble the Poet, now available in a new edition with a new foreword by the author. Unlearn offers short, accessible, and counterintuitive lessons for reaching our full potential.

Beloved for his sincerity, playfulness, and sage advice, globally famous rapper, spoken word artist, poet, blogger, and influencer Humble the Poet has traditionally shared his message of self-discovery, creativity, and empowerment with his fans through music and written word. That message has now been extended to this empowering book, offering insights and wisdom that challenge conventional thinking and help you tap into your best, most authentic self.

Humble sees life with unique clarity. In Unlearn, he opens our eyes to our own lives, helping us to recognize the possibilities that await us and the challenges that prevent us from realizing our dreams. With his characteristic honesty and forthrightness, he helps us shed the problematic lessons we’ve learned throughout our lives that limit us, from sabotaging habits, to fixed mindsets, to past regrets, and relearn new, unconventional ways of moving through life. Among his 101 lessons are:
Fitting In Is a Pointless ActivityDon’t Trust Everything You FeelKilling Expectations Births HappinessComparisons are KillerBaby Steps Add UpYou Decide Your Worth
Profound in its simplicity, Unlearn is the perfect invitation to a new beginning and to pursue a life of fulfillment.

Humble the Poet
hr min
April 9

Customer Reviews

Don Edison ,

Excellent book

Great tips to live a better life and transition to a greater you👍🏾

BrixtonF ,

Never stop unlearning

I downloaded the audio. Let me say this! In the world of so many gurus and IG motivational shallow post I was excited to hear and learn from this audiobook. I took so many away. As an entrepreneur myself and going through a recent divorce this hit me where it needed to. The chapters are short and it’s a quick audio but I’ve already listened to it 3 days in a row and I keep finding new nuggets to take notes. Thank you The Humble Poet I’ve shared it with close friends and family already. Good thing I came across your interview on The Breakfast Club!!!

Negro parker ,

Love this book

I love his key principles and examples

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