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An Unabridged Novella Unavailable In Any Collection!

Tapping into our primal fears of modern technology that made Cell a #1 bestseller, Stephen King sets his sights on the latest high-tech gadget in UR, in which a mysterious e-book reader opens a disturbing window into other worlds.

Reeling from a painful break-up, English instructor and avid book lover Wesley Smith is haunted by his ex-girlfriend's parting shot: "Why can't you just read off the computer like everyone else?" He buys an e-book reader out of spite, but soon finds he can use the device to glimpse realities he had never before imagined, discovering literary riches beyond his wildest dreams...and all-too-human tragedies that surpass his most terrible nightmares.

From vintage cars (Christine and From a Buick 8) to household appliances (Maximum Overdrive) to exercise equipment (Stationary Bike), Stephen King has mesmerized us with tales of apparently ordinary machines that take on lives of their own. UR gives this classic theme an up-to-the-minute spin, resulting in a horror masterpiece for our time and for the ages.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Holter Graham
hr min
August 16
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

Another Constant Reader ,

I Loved This Book

This was the first book I downloaded onto my iPhone. I have listened to it several times since then and still enjoy it every time. The characters are familiar Stephen King friends - two adult males and a teenage boy. The main character and the teen work to change the course of history because of something the main character has seen on his strange, other dimensional Kindle. Naturally, there are consequences. It's a short story but very sweet indeed.

Dgirl48236 ,


Audio Book? You mean audio short story. You need to be up front with people that this is a short story. I thought for $10.95 it was a book. I feel cheated and ripped off and I am sure you knew people wouldnt pay that much for a short story, that is why you never mentioned it. I feel very taken advantage of right now.

yaybooks ,

Great story!!

This was a great story! I was not surprised at the length because the description tells
you the length is 2 hours and 21 minutes. Better than spending $10-$12 on a movie ticket! Another great couple of hours of entertainment from SK that will stay will me for some time!

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