The Bachelor Kings: Jaeger, Book One

Jaeger, Book 1

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Publisher Description

He's a man with secrets. Secrets that can bring down the kingdom of Gathleon if they get into the wrong hands at the wrong time. Prince Jaeger Evandros Toska is taking risks, and he knows it.

While the king gallivants across the globe, Jaeger is left to defend the island nation in a time of crisis. Can he overcome the obstacles in his path, or will he and Gathleon succumb to a raiding sea pirate bent on revenge.

Adriana Phelix is desperate to help her ailing mother. She seeks an opportunity on Gathleon Island that might give her the leverage she needs, except she's faced with a hostile storm, vicious pirates and a prince convinced she's a spy. She must extract the necessary information she came for and escape Gathleon before Jaeger realizes she's been lying to him the whole time.

What she doesn't count on is an attraction strong enough to set fire to all her good intentions.

Find out if Jaeger and Adriana's attraction turns into something more, or whether their secrets and lies tear them apart.

September 19
Wildbloom Press
Danielle Johnson

Customer Reviews

Samantha B. Sokol ,

So excited for this next series from Danielle!

So excited for this next series from Danielle! While this is a new series, we get the relation and familiarity from the previous series that Danielle has written and I really love how all her books tie in together while also standing on their own. Jaeger is the current prince of his country who is essentially running things while his father is traveling around the world. Left to make difficult decisions in a time of crisis within the region, he is careful in his choices but goes with his gut. Adriana has a plan to infiltrate Jaeger’s home and life in order to get the care her mother so desperately needs in order to stay alive. But the longer she is around Jaeger and interacting with his family and friends, the more she is unsure of what is truth and lies within her own country’s ruler. While attracted to her, Jaeger is suspicious of Adriana but lets things run its course in order to determine her full plan. When the truth comes out about Jaeger’s father as well as Adriana’s true purpose and plan, the question is will the attraction be recoverable between them and give them a shot to act on them. I’ve always loved Danielle’s books, and this one is no exception. She does such a great job at not only providing a full story but also introducing us to the main characters we will begin to see as this series unfolds. I also cannot wait to see where the relationship between Jaeger and Adriana ends up in the background of the coming books! Definitely get your hands on this book and catch up with this book universe in the previous series.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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