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Human civilization and development are the results of endless pursuit of challenge. However, myriad of issues of poverty and hunger, polarization of wealth, continued inequality, accelerating ageing society, difficulty in creating jobs, and rapid climate change borne out of global warming are blocking our path to a better future.

In order to overcome these issues, the UN has created the Sustainable Development Goals, common goals that are shared by all countries, and is calling for a higher level of international cooperation of promoting public service innovation and sharing the accomplishments.

Based on the experience of building an e-government with the foundation of rational law and regulation, Korean government is improving productivity and effectiveness of administrative service for its people using advanced ICT. Also, the government is working to create a better government that can take on the important role of promoting sustainable development.

Government 3.0 is a people-focused government innovation policy, opening and sharing government-owned data. Through it, customized and integrated service is provided, and efficiency and transparency of government administration is heightened by building a structured system for better communication with people and for close cooperation among government branches.

This book aims to introduce in detail the 28 model cases of Korea’s public service under the theme of people’s happiness, the vibrant economy , and efficient public service, so that civil servants around the world and those working for international organizations that devote themselves to government innovation and sustainable development understand Korean government’s efforts on public governance innovation.

We hope that through international cooperation on public service, each country can communicate, cooperate, and share to solve today’s issues for a better future for all.



Happiness to People's Lives

01. Citizen-centric Government Innovation Policy (Government 3.0)

02. Ac hievements of Forest Policy and International Forest Cooperation

03. Citizen-oriented Civil Petition Service (Minwon 24)

04. Customer-oriented advanced immigration services based on ICT

05. e-People, The Online System for Communicating with People

06. Integrated Food Safety Information Network

07. Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

08. K orean Information System of Criminal Justice Services (KICS)

09. Open Data Strategy and Key Initiatives

10. Promotion of Patient Safety and Public Health with Drug

11. R esident Registration System

12. Vehicle History Information Service

Vitality to the Economy

13. Customized Service for Businesses and Policy Information System for SMEs

14. G4B, Government Integrated Portal for Supporting Business

15. Korea Legal Information Service

16. Korea's Customs Administration and UNI-PASS

17. National Crop Pest Management System

18. National E-Procurement System (KONE PS)

19. National Spatial Data Infrastructure Portal

20. Weather Information Service for Ag riculture

21. World-Class Electronic Tax Administration Service (Hometax)

Efficiency to Public Administration

22. A dministration, Law·Institutions·Policy of eGovernment Standard Framework

23. Digital Budget & Acc ounting System (dBrain)

24. Government Integrated Data Center

25. National Archives Management of Korea

26. On-Nara Business Process Management System (On-Nara BPS)

27. Public Information Sharing Service

28. Register-based Census of Population and Housing

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