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The Power of Affirmations and Clarity - 30 Days To Clarity, 30 Days To A Better You

”The day you get clarity is the day the world will stop telling you who you should be and the day you will no longer be silent about who you are. Then its noise will be your silence.”
Use meaningful introspection and powerful affirmations to give you the sense of clarity that comes with completely knowing who you are, and what your life is about.

Peel away the doubts and find clarity in these areas of your life:

Know the importance of finding yourself in this world
Getting satisfaction from the pursuit of your goals
The importance of having patience
Dealing with despair
Dealing with the fear of failure
Avoiding mediocrity
The importance of setting goals
Dealing with the ego
The importance of Giving
The consequences of Criticizing others
The importance of Cultivating true friendships
Getting rid of hypocrisy
The importance of truth and honesty
Expressing love
Seeing sin for what it is
Marriage and personal relationships
Do you have a Belief in God problem?
Why Self-respect is so important
Letting go of grief
Protecting your own joy and never letting the world steal it.

Over 30 days, see and feel yourself grow and become:

More grateful.
More confident of who you are.
More aware of why your values are so important to you.
More resolute.
More charismatic.
More patient.
Less egotistical.
Closer to God.
More generous.
More genuine.
More ready to leave your pain and hurt behind.
More truthful.
More able to express love.
More able to embrace your joy.

You will come to see that Clarity is a disassociation from all that which confuse, from all that which detract, from all that which dissipate. And it is an embrace of all that which give focus, all that which is truth, all that which is without pretense.

In 30 days You will get Clarity, experience lighter days and a more cheerful heart.

Health, Mind & Body
September 2
Peta Jane Kayes
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