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A deadly serial killer that goes by the name Uncle Sam is on the loose terrorizing the city. By day he's a regular working man, but by night he transforms into a vicious killer that preys on single women. Everything is fine until Detective Anthony Stone begins to stick his nose in Uncle Sam's business. Uncle Sam then captures Anthony Stone's family and gives the detective 48 hours to either kill himself or watch his loved one's die..... the choice is his.

Just when Anthony Stone's life is calming down, he's forced to make a decision that will change his life as well as all the lives around him forever.

Fiction & Literature
March 26
Good2go Publishing LLC
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Candy Blonde ,

Forty Eight Hours To Die

The story had way too many typical errors and used the detectives name to distraction but as a whole the story was alright!

Grettyyy ,

I could’ve wrote better...

The plot of the story sounds intriguing. Then you start reading it and realize the writing is so poor it’s hard to follow. I feel that I could’ve written this story better. This author needs to fire the editor because no way should this have gone to print the way it is.

Issy's MomMom ,

Anthony Stone x 425 Times = Editor Needed

I’ve only rated a couple of books one star and this is one of them due to:

• Numerous typos
• Several misspellings
• Sophomoric characters and lack of development

The main character, the infamous Anthony Stone, is referred to by both first and last name throughout the entire book. No he, him, his, the detective, et. al. Out of curiosity, I typed both names in to the search bar within the book on my iPad and “Anthony Stone” is written a whopping 425 times!

I cannot attest to the story itself, the plot, or if there even is one as I couldn’t read it due to the constant errors.

I hope the author heeds reader advice and updates a new and improved edition.

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