8 Common Bum Marketing Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

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Relying Only On Clickbank For Bread And Butter

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that most, if not all bum  marketers make is that of relying only on Clickbank for their bread  and butter. This is fine in theory because Clickbank pays out  lucrative commissions on most products. But if you really want to  make serious, long term income, then you need to think beyond  lucrative commissions. 

Here is why relying solely on Clickbank is a mistake:

Clickbank is just another website. There is no guarantee that it  will always be uptime 24/7. Here is what happens if you rely only  on Clickbank for your entire income: if at one point of time,  Clickbank's server goes down, you won't earn a penny until their  server is restored back to normal (and such a thing has even  happened in the past). But of course, that is not the only reason  why I am asking you to diversify.

The fact remains that while Clickbank products pay out lucrative  commissions, it doesn't have the best products for all niches. In  fact, in some niches, merchants sell nothing other than crap in  Clickbank. Funny thing is that you won't be able to differentiate  between a genuine merchant and a fly-by-might scamster.  Because even a scamster will come up with good looking graphics  and throw in some head-turning copywriting juice in the same  way that a genuine marketer would.

However if you want to stand above the crowd, you need to  deliver the best products of your niche to your visitors. If you  recommend crap on your site, even if unintentionally, visitors will  come at first for sure, but they won't come back to your site for a  second time. In a sense, you have lost repeat visitors, something  that is very important for the growth and survival of a business.  Another thing you need to keep in mind is that while Clickbank is  famous for its huge marketplace containing ebooks (it has some

softwares and videos too, but ebooks outnumber everything  else), not every person is looking for an ebook as his solution. A  good example would be that of a person who is suffering from  severe headache or migraine pain. Just ask yourself: if you were  the one suffering from headache, would you buy an ebook  containing tips and advice on how to cure headache, or would  you rather run for your local chemist's shop and get some quick  fix, 'instant solution' pills that will give you a quick relief? I don't  know about you but I would go for the latter.

So, if you recommend an ebook to a headache sufferer, you are  going for a lost cause.

The biggest secret of bum marketing is to find your target  audience, learn about their needs and wants, and feed them the  type of food they would want to eat. Sell shovel to a collegiate,  and you will perhaps get slapped. Sell the same thing to a gold  digger, and you will get paid handsomely?.

Now don't get me wrong here. I don't want to make life tougher  for you. In fact, the way my Nuttiebums bum marketing method  works, picking up the right products for your target market should  come easy to you!

And if you think that you cannot find profitable products outside  Clickbank, you seriously need to read my Nuttiebums bum  marketing report

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