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In a world where male children are rare, a man is a valuable commodity—to be sold to the highest bidder…
It isn’t easy being the oldest boy in a house run by women—especially for Jerin Whistler. The grand-matriarchs of his clan are descended from soldiers, spies, and thieves. That’s partly what’s kept their family alive in the wilderness. But it also means Jerin’s doomed to marry the girls next door—a fate he’s convinced is worse than death. But Jerin gets in even worse trouble when, in the process of a daring rescue, he falls in love with a royal princess who’s as high above his station as it’s possible to be.
Ren knows that Jerin is too far below her class to be an appropriate match for her and her royal sisters. But then she hears rumors of a long-held Whistler family secret—one that might provide a way for them to finally be together. Unfortunately, she still has four sisters to convince. And that’s before Jerin even comes to the capital—where simmering political tensions will threaten not just their love, but all their lives...

“Don’t plan on getting anything else done if you start a Wen Spencer novel; they are exceedingly hard to put down!”—Nebula Award-Winning Author Catherine Asaro

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 5
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Reno Linda ,

What an entertaining read

Creative concept of a world with male/female roles completely flipped. Very satisfying. Couldn't put it down until it was done, then sorry to have reached the end.

Koji8123 ,

With no spoilers..

All in all a fantastic book. I enjoyed the gender-rarity value of the men. In a world were men are only about 5%-10% of the population. Although there could have been more. More elaboration on why Corelle was belligerent with Jerin, or a possible battle on Men's rights. And more possible elaboration on unimportant people. (The author made it seem as everyone who was named played an important part). Lastly a future storyline about Jerin's children? 9.5/10.

DidgitX10 ,

Make this a part of your library!

In this "can't put down" book by Wen Spencer, the roles of the sexes are switched. The males are the ones that need protection, and are the caregivers of the family. It's action and romance, in an alternate Earth. The women are the knights. Men are scarce, so marriages are made that have them marrying a group of sisters, or women who decide to pool their money together to start a family, or a bad element of women. I have this book in paperback, e-reader for Palm, Mobipocket, and now in this format to read on my iPhone. If it was possible to get it in Audio, guess who would be enjoying it. That's how good a writer Wen is. Don't miss her Ukiah Oregon series.

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